Do you Strava? The fact that we use 'Strava' as a verb proves - if proof were needed - that the most popular cycling app of all time has come of age.

We're really excited to invite you to our VeloVixen Strava Club - a great way to bring together our amazing community of female cyclists.

So why should you join us?

If you're competitively, you can see how you match up against the female cycling community. We're even planning challenges and competitions to give you incentives to aim for the top.

And if you don't give a fig about where you rank or how fast you're going, then you can see your own personal progress and feel part of something special.

Besides, it's kinda fun to have a glance at how everyone else is doing!

All you need to do is be female (let's keep this fair!).

So join up today and be part of the cycling app revolution. Here's the latest action from the VeloVixen Strava Club:

And here's a summary of how everyone's doing as a group so far this week...

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