Unpacking Vulpine's SS2015 women's range we're confident that you're going to fall head over heels in love with their stunning new pieces as we did.

It's a sharp collection of key pieces for anyone who has a penchant for kit they can wear comfortably both on and off the bike.

1. Vulpine Women's Waterproof Gill Jacket

Perhaps the highlight of the SS2015 collection is the new waterproof Gill jacket that Nick, Vulpine's founder claims is "the best waterproof in cycling," and we're inclined to agree.

Creating the perfect waterproof cycling jacket means delicately balancing a number of factors. Ramp up the water resistance in the material and you're left with a fabric that although extremely efficient in preventing water from penetrating, doesn't breath all too well. The end product? A cyclist suffering from boil-in-a-bag syndrome.

After investing a great deal of time, money, effort and passion in R&D, this conundrum has been solved by Vulpine. The answer? Vulpine's innovative Gill Ventilation System and a material that essentially allows more moisture to flow out from the material than most jackets. The gills help expel moisture built up from pedalling, and they're angled so as not to impede escaping body heat, or indeed flap around.

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Neat cycling features are abundant, the clever removeable reflective Storm Guard to protect your derriere from spray, and a shielded waterproof chest pocket for your phone and keys. Then there's the hood. Although many may prefer to ride without a hood, if you want a truly waterproof jacket, the option of a hood is a must.

If it's not for you while on your bike, you have a choice. Simply don't put it up, or remove it via the zip. If you do decide to ride with it on, it unsurprisingly has a cycle-specific fit, with tough bonded peak and jawline cord adjusters for easy adjustment to keep you shielded from the elements.

And when the storm passes? The jacket can be rolled up and will fit into most 3-pocket cycling jerseys.

2. Vulpine Women's Summer Cycling Capri

We're excited to welcome these classically styled 3/4 length capri cycling trousers from Vulpine. Perfect for commuting, touring and all round casual riding in spring and summer. Although cut for cycling, with a subtle diamond gusset and high back for comfort these are also an undeniable hit in the style stakes.

Pair with a pair of Vulpine Merino Boxers or Urbanist Padded Knickers for longer rides in ultimate comfort, and the subtle cycling details will do the rest. Vulpine have made these capris even more comfortable than previous pairs of trousers by adding in greater stretch, which helps both on and off the bike.

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As with all Vulpine garments, all features have been carefully thought through, keep your belongings safe with two zipped front and two buttoned rear pockets. The waist is cut higher at the back to protect your modesty, so nobody sees anything more than they should. The seams are lined to prevent any awkward chafing and the diamond gusset stops you from sitting on an uncomfortable seam as you pedal.

3. Vulpine Women's Henley Jersey

The Merino Button Cycling Jersey was Vulpine's first woman-specific garment cut specifically for the female figure. This launch garment has been quietly tweaked for SS2015 to be a more stylish and casual option as the Henley. Wonderfully comfortable, with great attention to detail, it's odour-free, sweat-wicking, and cut long and slim for cycling.

As with all of Vulpine's garments the Henley looks equally good off the bike, and won't make you look like a 'geeky' sweaty cyclist! It's made from 100% highest grade, 180-gram New Zealand merino wool, with faultless flatlock stitching and a single rear buttoned pocket.

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4. Vulpine Women's Short Sleeve Alpine Jersey

For the SS2015 edition of the Alpine jersey in either a subtle mulberry or striking aqua, Vulpine have used the finest quality merino, woven into a perfect blend for serious rides or everyday life. The Alpine jersey is one of those garments that should be a staple piece in every cyclist's wardrobe.

Typical of Vulpine, it's not all about technical prowess - yes, the detailing of the angled triple pockets, the ingenious zip docking, flatlock stitching, anti-slip silicone waistband and v-stitched engraved buttons is remarkable. It's also about wearability - it's achingly stylish, and equally perfect for a serious ride, for your daily commute or for just wearing around town.

This latest Alpine Jersey has increased load capacity in the rear pockets, and reduced their stretch. Merino is a naturally stretchy material, and Vulpine recommend that care should still be taken not to fill the pockets as you might in a synthetic jersey - roughly two energy bars, banana, tube, phone and wallet should be enough. Ample for a good ride.

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5. Vulpine Accessories

Rounding off the SS2015 Vulpine collection are a smattering of delectable accessories for the stylish cyclist. Socks and caps help finish off an outfit beautifully, specially if they're made with as much care and attention to detail as Vulpine's are!

This season we're adding the City sock to our range, in three gorgeous hues; navy, fuchsia and red. Then there's the addition of aqua to our Race sock and our Cotton cap collection, with the option of a mulberry peaked cap too.

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We hope you have enjoyed the whistle stop tour of the SS2015 Vulpine range, if you have any questions, just give us a shout!