When summer fails to keep its promise of blue skies and glorious sunshine, don't fall victim and break your promise too. This summer was supposed to be THE year you stayed true to the cycling routine, don't let a bit of wet weather stand in your way. Get out there and show what you're made of. With the right kit backing you up, taking a rain check will become a thing of the past.

Morvelo Plan B Race Cape

Great for: Unpredicted showers and harsh descents

The Morvelo Plan B Race Cape is made from a 2-ply waterproof fabric, which also acts like a windproof barrier, stopping harsh winds from blowing through - perfect for those long descents.

One of the coolest features of the Plan B jacket is its see-through material - perfect for showing off the jersey you're wearing underneath, but also a genius way of keeping your race number dry and visible if you're taking part in a cycling event. Clever. It's can also be rolled up and stuffed in your saddle bag or jersey pocket when the rain subsides.

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Castelli Donnina

Great for: Cycling in the rain all day, from start to finish.

Donnina uses a special, premium performance fabric called eVent that is fully waterproof and breathable. When we exercise, we get sweaty (or "perspire" if you prefer) but by wearing a Donnina jacket, all that moisture is allowed to escape through its millions of tiny pores. It's SO much better pedalling along feeling well ventilated and not stuffy.

It's not often you find a jacket of this calibre that's as lightweight as Donnina. You can actually stuff it in your pocket, which is incredible considering all of the qualities it boasts. We particularly love the stretchy panels on the elbows, shoulders and side panels - they make shuffling around really easy, especially when moving onto the drops - say farewell to that straight jacket sensation!

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Showers Pass Club Pro

Great for: Commuting, weekend rides or even a walk with the pooch. A good all-rounder.

The Club Pro's affordable price tag compared to other jackets of a similar nature, is out of this world. Made from Artex, a waterproof and breathable fabric, it will suitably shelter you from the weather's worst and help to regulate your temperature.

It's female-specific, so will fit you well, with enough room underneath for a couple of layers.

I am delighted with this jacket. It is bright and cheery and very comfortable. It is light to wear but gives excellent protection from the wind.
- Customer review by Sandra

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Castelli Riparo

Great for: Training or commuting in the rain.

When it comes to waterproof protection, Riparo offers you the same level as its sister waterproofs. (It's made from a 2.5 layer Torrent IV fabric, featuring a durable woven outer shell and a fully waterproof Polyurethane membrane... Oooh fancy!). In short, the Castelli Riparo covers everything necessary to get you from A to B dry.

It packs up small in a stuff pocket, which is easy to carry in your jersey pocket or saddle bag, should you wish to take it out as an emergency waterproof.

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