14 year old Cherry recently cycled the Way of the Roses as a fundraiser for her school. Read Part 1 of her story here. So how did she do? Read all about it below.

A week ago, I returned from cycling the coast to coast 'Way of the Roses' with 27 other people in my year at school. We were raising money for our new school sports hall, and have now raised over £7500 which to be honest is unbelievable.

I was worried about being the slowest. I shouldn't have worried though as most of the time, my friend Lily and I were near or at the front which felt great! I know 'girl power' isn't an emotion, but it should be because that's exactly how I felt when all the girls were at the front and powering up the hills, away from the boys.

We started our challenge in Morecambe in the drizzle which quickly turned into pouring rain, a miserable start to the trip. Nevertheless, we carried on until we got to a lake with a few tents floating around in it. We were told that this was where we would be camping (or drowning I thought).

Seeing as most of the tents were soaked through, we ended up with seven of us crammed into a tent that was meant to sleep four. Surprisingly it was actually very amusing, especially the part where I had a full on shower in the tap (with my shower cap, obviously).

I know 'girl power' isn't an emotion, but it should be because that's exactly how I felt when all the girls were at the front!.

The next two days were the hard ones, the first day through the Yorkshire Dales with two big hills which we all managed very well, luckily we were cycling in blazing sunshine which kept us all in good spirits. We finished the day down the steep descent into Pateley Bridge and our campsite.

The next day was the longest, 54 miles, and the braver of us started it with spam. I gave the spam a miss and enjoyed my nutella. We had a slow start due to some mechanical problems but we arrived at a respectable time. It was much easier than I expected because it was completely flat, which reminded me nostalgically of Holland.

The following day was beautiful, we cycled 36 miles on the flat so compared to the previous day it was very easy. We still had enough energy to play basketball, table tennis and random games we made up when we got to our campsite. We knew it was our last night so we stayed up ridiculously late, wanting to make the most of the trip.

Our last day was only 25 miles so we stopped to give awards and reflect on the week. We had all improved in our own ways and now felt like a proper cycle touring team, it was going to be strange when the trip had ended. We cycled into Bridlington towards the banners that Emma and Millie's parents had made.

Everyone felt so proud that we had finished the coast to coast, we all knew we would miss it. As we gathered for a final group photo, I realised how much I had enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

Time travel ahead to the next installment:

VeloVixen says:

Well done Cherry! A great achievement for you and your friends. If anything you've proved that a 36-mile ride followed by a game of basketball, tennis and then a late nighter is perfectly doable before another long day in the saddle. Thanks for sharing your story with your fellow Vixens.

For the long road ahead