Get inspired by 14-year old Cherry and her school friends who are departing this week on a 180 mile coast to coast challenge.

I am a 14 year old girl about to set off on the 'Way of the Roses' coast to coast cycle route with 27 other people in my year. We leave on the 11th July at 5am although I'm not sure how I'll be able to cycle 30 miles after waking up so early!

Starting in Morecambe, Lancashire, the route takes us through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Wolds (which have plenty of rather large hills and extremely steep descents which I am feeling slightly nervous about). We finish on the east coast in Bridlington after 5 long days, each consisting of around 30-50 miles, hopefully with lots of cake stops.

I decided to embark on this challenge after Mr Jugroop (an ICT teacher at my school) mixed up the dates of the summer holidays and realised he had an extra week at school. He didn't want to teach any lessons that week so he organised a cycling trip for the students to raise money for sports equipment.

I jumped at the chance to take part because I absolutely adore cycling. I went touring around Holland this May and the two years before that my family and I toured around the Outer Hebrides. I've loved all the trips and I'm hoping that this one will be just as successful.

I hope I've done enough training because my biggest worry is being the slowest and holding everyone back.

To prepare for the trip, I have gone on lots of long cycle rides around my local area (The South Pennines) which are good and hilly so excellent practice for the real thing. I tried out 3 different saddles because I find it so hard to get a comfy one that doesn't rub. We got there in the end though, I'm using the one from my mum's racing bike. I also had to buy some new equipment including a long sleeved jersey and some new shorts.

I hope I've done enough training because my biggest worry is being the slowest and holding everyone back. I think the biggest challenge will be learning how to ride in such a big group, usually we just cycle as a family so this will be very different and a new experience. 

What happened next?

VeloVixen says:

When Cherry got in touch with us about her adventure, we knew it had to be a story to be shared. It's great to hear from the younger Vixens of the cycling world, about what has inspired them and where they hope their two wheels will take them. Cherry's trip is now well underway and we're sure she'll be having a lot of fun out there with her friends.

If you would like to help Cherry's cause, please feel free to make a donation here.

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