Is your cycle ride giving you grief downstairs? Don't be embarrassed or feel like you have to put up with it. Chamois Cream may be your ticket to an ouch-free ride!

Whether you're new to cycling or not, you've probably experienced discomfort at some point. Sore nether regions is a topic that, believe it or not, we're asked about time and time again at VeloVixen.

Sorry to have to ask, but I've got this quite embarrassing problem, I must be a strange build or something because my bike is making me red raw, down there...

Nope, not strange at all. Definitely quite a common issue.


So what's the cause?

As you ride, friction, heat, bacteria and sweat build up between your skin and your shorts. (Rub the bottom of your thumbs together and feel for yourself how quick the heat builds up). It is this hot activity that can lead to the horror that is chafing and saddle sores.

By applying Chamois Cream, you are giving your nether regions a protective barrier of lubrication that will help soothe, cool and heal - all thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


What Chamois Cream should I use?

You'll find some excellent women's specific Chamois Creams in the VeloVixen bodycare collection. Unlike men's creams, these have been formulated specifically with lady cyclists in mind.

Brought to you by the fabulous California-based Jena & Laurie, Hoo Ha Ride Glide was one of the first women-specific chamois creams conceived. Designed by women for women, its tea tree, peppermint with a dash of lavender formula is everything you need to protect your Hoo Ha from any saddle related nasties!



Conceived and created by one woman on a quest, Anjela Ubogu had suffered from saddle soreness for years before her 'lightbulb' moment.

After deciding she couldn't find what she was looking for, she made it herself - and called it exactly what it is, Swerve Bum Cream. Made in the UK, Swerve works brilliantly in all temperatures and thanks to its ingredients, is sting-free.


Happy Bottom Bum Butter was created in Swanage on Dorset's Isle of Purbeck (the town where our founders, Liz and Phil, were married - so it has extra personal appeal!)

It comes in two sizes of pot and provides your nether regions with not only a gentle scent of cloves and tea tree oil, but also a long lasting ability to both protect and repair. Plus it's vegan, organic, not tested on animals and chemical free.


Looking for an easy to apply, friction-free, waterproof, non-greasy chamois cream that doesn't stain your best shorts? Then choose 2Toms Butt Shield, the ultimate shield for your bottom.

Learn more about Butt Shield in our write up here.

So how do I use Chamois Cream?

Never be afraid to use more than you think looks necessary. Chamois cream may need to be applied liberally in order to be effective.

Squirt a good dollop of cream into your hand and apply directly to the skin around your lady parts (externally only) or, if you prefer, directly onto the chamois pad in your shorts. If you're feeling extra groovy, apply to both!

Never feel afraid to apply more cream mid-ride. Pick a quiet spot on your route, whip the cream out of your pocket and apply away! 

It might take a few rides before you find your optimum "dosage". Never feel afraid to apply more cream mid-ride. Pick a quiet spot on your route, whip the cream out of your pocket and apply away!

Once home, be sure to wash that chamois cream off - it's great on the bike, but can prevent the skin from breathing and drying whilst you're off it.

So if you and your bottom are feeling a bit tender, give Chamois Cream a try. And remember, you're not weird because you're feeling sore, it's just one of the many quirks of being a lady cyclist. 

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