By: VeloVixen | Author: Liz Bingham
Date: 2018-12-11

They rarely see the light of day. They contain anatomical padding for female nether regions. They get rave reviews. 

So what is it that makes our cycling knickers so beloved by us female cyclists, across the UK and beyond?

women in panties

Well, if you've ever struggled with discomfort as you ride around town, fail to feel the love for full cycling shorts, or had problems working great cycling gear into your everyday life, then they're the solution you've been dreaming of... 

Here are the 5 reasons why people love them:


1. The workmanship

The material is printed and sewed by hand in one of the Baltic region's most technically advanced clothing factories, giving an amazing quality of fit and finish.

WHAT A FIND - these padded knickers are cute, comfortable and they work! In this hot weather I wear 3/4 length loose unpadded shorts. I was having to wear padded shorts underneath which were far too hot. These knickers feel rather like wearing a swim wear bottom.

I am amazed and delighted that such little pants really can provide such good padding. And they certainly reduce the heat factor. Great product! I'm saving up for another pair. (Buffy, 2018)



2. The chamois pad

Made in Italy by one of the most recognised chamois manufacturers around, it's every bit as good as you'd find in far more expensive cycle shorts. And it's lighter and more discreet than most, meaning you can wear it comfortably all day even when you're not cycling.

A GREAT, ESSENTIAL BUY! - these pants are superb - they really do cushion the ride, they are silky smooth and you hardly know you are wearing them! Highly recommended. (Arcadegirl, 2018)

Padded Knickers

Meanwhile, here's Harriet to give her take on what makes them so awesome and show you them in the flesh:


3. The cost

Important one, this. Some people ask us 'how come a pair of pants can cost that much?' Here's the thing: don't compare them with normal pants. They're not. They bring the best of normal pants together with the best of full cycling shorts, and remove the disadvantages of both.

So really, the comparison is with cycling shorts costing twice as much. Oh, and don't forget if you bundle two pairs together in your basket, you'll get 20% off the second pair.

WORTH THE MONEY - I admit to being sceptcal when I bought a pair of these padded pants. It seemed a lot of money to pay for, well, a pair of pants. Now I've worn them a few times I'm a recruit to the fan club. They are very comfortable, well cut, not at all bulky, and, most importantly, protect those tender parts from chafing.

I spin two or three times a week, cycle most days around town and am booked on a cycle tour of Slovenia. I may have to splash out on a second pair of these padded pants. They are a great product. Thank you Velo Vixen. (GillyUs, 2018)


4. The versatility

You can wear them under anything. And we mean anything! Jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts. We know of people who've worn them under smart eveningwear.

And spinning - well, was there ever a more ideal piece of indoor cycling kit?! They mean you can wear your full selection of gym leggings without ever worrying about discomfort as you spin.

AWESOME COMFY VERSATILE KNICKERS - these are fabulous. They are more comfortable than some of my padded shorts & tights & I can wear them under running tights to expand my sports wardrobe. The padding is enough to cushion for a decent ride but thin enough that it isn’t too bulky under other workout clothes or ordinary trousers- amazing. Thanks! (Flo, 2018)

under panties


5. The durability

We know of plenty of happy customers who use them every week and wash them several times a week. The material and the pad just seem to keep on hopping out of the washing machine ready to go again!

And we also know of people who've come back for more having worn them every day (not the same ones, don't worry!) on 3 week touring trips. Get the right size, and they'll keep you comfortable on much longer rides than you might expect...

EXCELLENT - all I will say is that I wish I had bought these ages ago ! They are seriously well designed, fair price , and really comfy for up to 50 miles ( so far ! ) . I also bought some Hoo Ha Ride Glide and I reckon that will turn out to be an excellent buy too ! Well done Velovixen! And thankyou for making them ! (Ruth, 2018)


So there we have it. The best made, best padded, best priced, most versatile, most durable piece of cycling kit a lady could ask for. Now you know.

Here are a few more happy customers' views:

DELIGHTED - these cycling knickers are just what I wanted for short trips out for coffee or lunch, when I don’t want to wear full Lycra. They fit really well and are true to size. They fit snugly under my jeans. I’m considering buying a 2nd pair (Lynny, 2018)

BRILLIANT - I’ve recently been suffering down below when practising cycling for an Olympic triathlon . Somehow your web page came up on facebook. I bought these pants and some Hoo Ha Ride Glide cream. No pain for my triathlon, which was fantastic and came in time too! Excellent service! (Deb, 2018)

SO COMFORTABLE - I bought the Velovixen own make of padded knickers because I wanted a second pair. Well, I am thrilled with the Velovixen ones. The pad is less thick which makes them more comfortable. (Celia, 2018)

GREAT BUY - this is the second pair of padded knickers I have bought, they are brilliant. Fit well, comfortable, wash well and mean that I can wear running shorts or tights on top and don't need a whole host of cycling specific trousers. Highly recommended. Sizing is as expected, which is a real bonus, so no sending back. (PAS, 2018)