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Foxing Day - your adventures!

VeloVixen 07.01.22

On December 26th, we launched the first ever Foxing Day (read more about it here). We wanted to:

  1. Encourage everyone to get out after Christmas and work off those mince pies;
  2. Reverse the tradition of the Boxing Day hunt for once and for all, and put the foxes / Vixens in charge;
  3. Get you to send in photographic evidence of your exploits.

It's fair to say all of these things happened!

We also wanted to give away a VV collection to one lucky winner - not an easy choice, it turned out! Here are some highlights from the brilliant pictures you posted... scroll down for our overall winner.

There were some fabulous bushy tails and perky ears to be spotted on the roads and trails of the UK:

Paula Scates
Mimi Bunn
Sabs Cockram

Some of you actually became vixens (is this reversible?!):

Claire Schultz-Mace looking oh-so-stylish in full Zeetah kit!
Philippa Cochrane
Rhona Torrington-Green

There were some really fun-looking group rides that we wished we'd been part of!

Madeleine Pope and mates
Kate Rose, photobombed by a gloriously random gorilla!
Pauline Capaldi, leading from the front
Nicola Wood - flanked by a full range of festive fauna 
Rachel Davies & team

There was some great family activity, with vixen cubs to the fore:

The Jones Cubs!
Jane Woodham and Family

Some people, like Jane's tribe (above) and Helen (below) found foxy places as well as great outfits - great radar for vixen hangouts!

Helen Grimster

And special mention has to go to the brilliant Louise Bacon, who actually spelt out VIXEN for us! We love the deadpan expression:


But after much long, hard deliberation we couldn't look beyond the amazing Oona Linnett who posted nothing short of a mini-exhibition of beautiful photos of her in full vixen mode. Here's just one favourite of ours:

We loved the knowing twinkle in these brilliant pictures, a true vixen loving the great outdoors and - frankly - just really making us giggle!

*** STOP THE PRESS - Oona actually crocheted her own ears and tail!!! ***

We'll follow up with you, Oona, to arrange your richly deserved prize!

Huge thanks to everyone who got into the spirit of Foxing Day - and apologies to those we couldn't feature. Here's to next year!


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