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Gift Guide - by Budget

VeloVixen 19.11.21

Buying for the cyclist in your life can be a tricky old business. We're notoriously choosy, after all! And yes, you're here at the Home of Womens Cycling, but with so much choice of great brands and products it can seem a bit overwhelming - especially if you're not a cyclist yourself... Where to start?!

So we've tried to make it simple with this Gift Guide for Female Cyclists. Here are some irresistible ideas for cycling gifts from our own VeloVixen team. We've split them into 6 different categories of budget, and given you 4 top tips for each, plus some extra guidance in the text. Have fun browsing, and we hope she likes whatever you pick!

If you know the kind of cyclist you're buying for, check out our Gift Guide by Type of Vixen - whether she's a purist roadie (Velocity Vixen), indoor fiend (Virtual Vixen), adventurer (Venture Vixen) or simply rides a bike as part of life (Versatile Vixen), this is sure to help guide you!

For guidance on our simple process for returning gifts, check out this link.

Under £20 Gifts

Thought cycling kit was a bit on the pricey side? Think again. You'll be surprised by what you can get for less than £20 - there are hundreds of great gift ideas, from funky cosy socks, through neck warmers, head warmers, striking towels for the gym or turbo trainer, and even some blingtastic accessories for a bike.

Top Tip - pick some female-specific potions and lotions for the female cyclist in your life, and you won't go wrong... Here are some of our favour

£20-40 Gifts

If your budget extends to £40, you'll find hundreds more women-specific cycling gifts within your range. Choose from a plethora of treats to bring a smile to any female cyclist's face, including snazzy (and brilliantly effective) arm warmers, ingenious and practical VeloPac pouches, decadent merino neck warmers and cosy beanie hats for off-bike activities.

Our toppest of top tips for this category? Our perennial best-selling, super-versatile padded cycling pants in a huge variety of designs, and our ever-popular (and brilliantly-named) Hoo Ha Ride Glide cream, to keep her comfy on that saddle. Here are some of this season's favourites:

£40-60 Gifts

Above £40 and mainstream clothing becomes a real option for female cycling gifts. Around this price point you can start looking at strikingly beautiful jerseys, bottom halves, base layers and sleeveless gilets, with even some jackets available.

If you're concerned about sizing, make sure you check out the size guides that you'll find on each product page - and if in doubt don't be afraid to ask our advice. These levels of gifting generosity are sure to go down well...

£60-80 Gifts

The £60-80 category for female cycling gift is full of juicy ideas for giving. At this level you can choose from pretty much any category and find rich pickings for the cyclist in your life.

Our sneaky pro tip that you may not know about: why not pick a stylish gilet and accessorise with arm warmers for a truly versatile approach to finding that perfect 'Goldilocks' temperature - not too hot, not too cold. Elsewhere, here are some ideas that we'd love to receive:

£80-100 Gifts

At these prices, your recipient should count herself lucky. In many cases you've got the cream of the crop to pick from, with looks, fit and technical features combining seamlessly.

Select from exceptional jerseys, beautiful shorts and tights, and top quality superlight helmets. Anything from this price bracket is likely to put a broad smile on her face! If in doubt, feel free to contact us for suggestions on choice or sizing. Meanwhile, here are some ideas to conjure with:

£100+ Gifts

The sky's the limit at this budget - you've truly got access to the very finest women's cycling gear around. Select from the most iconic cycling brands such as Castelli, Pearl Izumi, Santini or Endura.

Or why not discover the hidden gems that will provide the lucky recipient with cycling kudos aplenty - try Stolen Goat, Iris or or our own brand VeloVixen range, for example. You won't go far wrong at these levels, but don't be afraid to contact us for advice on choice or sizing if it's not immediately clear to you!


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