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Gift Guide - how does she ride?

VeloVixen 19.11.21

So you need to find the perfect gift for that choosy fabulously discerning female cyclist in your life...?! That's no mean feat. Even after 10 years of selecting the best women's cycling brands and products, we can still see it's fraught with potential complications! It's our job to help you out.

So we've tried to make it simple with this Gift Guide divided by category (is there such a thing?) of female cyclists. We've put our vixen heads together as a team and picked our most loved gift ideas for NINE different kinds of cyclist (including a cheeky one for the boys!). Which one most closely matches your most loved cyclist?

If you're shopping more by price, then why not check out our budget guide here - choose how much you want to spend and check out our top tips!

For guidance on our simple process for returning gifts, check out this link.

Very Vixen

The barnstorming popularity of our VeloVixen range has even taken us a little by surprise over the last couple of years! If your gift recipient is a fan of ours (or maybe could become one!) then our feisty yet elegant, expressive yet subtle designs might be just the job.

Vital Vixen - the essentials

Not everyone is a seasoned cycling expert - far from it. For the gazillions of relative beginners (and the people who want to buy gifts for their new passion), it can be a bit befuddling. So how about these for some vital yet stylish piece of kit to get her going?

For some broader tips on How to Avoid Looking Like a Newbie on a Bike, check out this brilliant blog from Juliet Elliott.

Versatile Vixen - on and off bike

Life is busy in so many ways. We know first hand that just because you're passionate about riding your bike doesn't mean you aren't passionate about (and busy with!) other things too. So here are some cycling-friendly gift ideas for living your busy life - walking the dog, heading to the shops, collecting the kids, cycling to work:

Velocity Vixen - all things road

We've got the racing snake, road cycling lover in your life covered. In fact our range of women's road cycling kit is so spectacularly broad it's hard to know where to start! Here are some of our current favourites, covering all budgets.

Any one of these is sure to put a broad smile on her face on the big day, and on her next ride...

Virtual Vixen - indoor riding

Indoor cycling boomed during lockdown - and now that people have discovered it, it continues to boom. At VeloVixen we love a good sweaty spin or turbo session, and have a whole section devoted to it.

But when your heart rate soars it pays to be kitted out - here are some ways to help that you can help:

Venture Vixen - offroad explorers

Adventure cycling, bikepacking, touring, call it what you will - it was a dream for so many months and now we can finally live it again. Discover our full range of kit that we believe works well for an adventure trip on two wheels - and here are some more specific ideas for the adventurer in your life:

Vibrant Vixen - bright and bold colours

If there's one thing that unifies the cycling world, it's a love of being bright and showing off your individuality through your outfit. Here are just a few ideas to brighten up somebody's day - and they all work technically just as dazzlingly as they look.

Visible Vixen - reflective style

If there's one thing nobody can have too much of on a bike, it's visibility. These brilliant (in every sense!) favourites will all gleam like a beacon under vehicle headlights - and they fit and feel fabulous too. Surefire hits, and a great way to keep your favourite cyclist that bit safer out there.

Virile Vixen (!) - for your foxy fellow

Although we've always made a point of putting the ladies first, we do have a surprisingly generous range of products that work stylishly for the guys too.

Here are just a few on our CEO Phil's list for Father Christmas - click the link below for 100s more cycling gift ideas for him (that's the 'him' in your life, not Phil specifically!).


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