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Give Back With World Bicycle Relief

VeloVixen 05.07.21


At VeloVixen, we love riding our bikes. If you're reading this, chances are you do too.

Why to do most of us do it? Health, environmental concerns, escaping busy lives, cost, being part of a community, practicality, or sheer joy. And we LOVE all those positives.

Girl riding bike - World Bicycle Relief

But what if it a simple bicycle had the power to change instantly and radically your entire existence? To give you hope of a better, healthier, safer, more prosperous life?

That's where World Bicycle Relief comes in.

Set up in 2005 in the wake of the horrific Tsunami in South East Asia, World Bicycle Relief realised the unique power of a bicycle for individuals, families and communities.

If you live in the developing world, a self-sufficient means of transport can help give you reliable access to better education, healthcare and markets for your goods.

School children can get to school faster and more safely. People with little or no access to doctors can take better care of their health. And farmers can get their products to market more efficiently, to allow them to feed their families.



What draws us especially to World Bicycle Relief is how they recognise the importance of women and girls - as you'll see in the video above.

Traditionally marginalised to limited roles in many parts of the developing world, thousands of female lives - and those of their dependents - have been transformed by owning and using a bike.

World Bicycle Relief's specially designed Buffalo Bike (named 'Bike of the Year' for 2021 by Trek, no less) costs £120 to make and is deliberately robust and easy to maintain by local mechanics using generic parts.

Schoolgirl bicycling to school on Buffalo Bike

Since 2005, they've built and donated over 500,000 of them, changing lives in more than 20 countries, from Colombia to Kenya, Zambia to Zimbabwe.

Starting in 2021, we're giving you the chance to add a few extra pounds to any order you place with VeloVixen as you check out.

You can simply choose to add a percentage of the value of your order, or contribute a sum of your choice. We will ensure every penny goes to World Bicycle Relief.

Buffalo bikes ready for use


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