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Hill climbing made easier

VeloVixen 01.04.20

Ever wished riding uphill was easier? That dream may soon be a reality thanks to Uphillium.
True breakthroughs in cycling are rare - disc brakes were a big one, as were electronic gears. GPS tracking has been handy too. But at VeloVixen we generally don't get overexcited about bike technology news unless it really adds something.
Which is why we're so intrigued by news coming from Newport, often dubbed the Silicon Valley of Wales: engineers with start-up firm Solo Air Pfl. have bucked the Coronavirus gloom by announcing a pioneering new way harnessing the gravity-defying properties of helium.
Now as we all know, helium balloons float upwards. Solo Air's new uphillium collection may look for all the world like the kind of popular gravel style bags used for bikepacking.
However, hidden sealed valves allow them to be filled easily with pressurised helium rather than travel essentials - effectively making any bike up to 20% lighter.
Solo Air's spokeswoman Flo Taway told us: "We're so pleased to announce a real step forward in hill climbing for the millions of us who have struggled with big gradients, both on and off road.
"By simply attaching our uphillium range of gravel style bags to any bike, cyclists will feel a real difference from the first climb. Think of it as the house from Up brought to your bike!"
This could be your bike: the iconic scene from the Pixar movie Up
Solo Air expect to launch a crowdfunding campaign in early summer 2020, with a target of launching the first uphillium collection by the autumn.
The collection will include 3 bags to ensure the lift is evenly distributed along the bike, plus a 10 litre tank of helium which they estimate will allow for 12-18 months of regular riding.
We'll be at the front of the queue to test them!


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