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9 Reasons Why Cycling Caps Rule

VeloVixen 26.06.19

What is it about the humble cycling cap? Surely a cap is a cap is a cap? How can a simple piece of elasticated peaked cotton stir up such emotions and evangelising amongst purist cyclists?

When it comes to complying with how things 'should' be done in cycling, we're the first to suggest a dose of rebellion. Everyone has their own style. But with caps, we can't get enough of them. Why so?

Here are 9 irrefutable good reasons why you need to start wearing caps - or add even more to your collection:


1. Cycling caps keep your head warm

On a chilly day, they add that extra layer of insulation to keep your noggin snug.


2. Cycling caps keep your head cool

Conversely, on a sultry day here's a red hot tip: drench a cycling cap in cool water (and alpine stream is highly recommended) and use it under your helmet to whick heat away from your head (we're not entirely sure of the science, but boy it works).


3. Cycling caps keep the rain out of your eyes

In steady rain, that peak is invaluable as a way of channeling the water away from your face. Those drips can be quite hypnotic on a big climb! For 'rain' feel free to insert 'perspiration'.


4. Cycling caps keep the sun out of your eyes

Ever ridden into the setting sun? It's dead romantic and picturesque - in theory. In practice it can be uncomfortable and downright hazardous. A decent peak minimises that glare.


5. Cycling caps cover helmet hair

It's an accepted fact amongst the female cycling sorority that helmet hair can be a life or death predicament. With a cap, you never need worry what's going on with your hair when you get off your bike. It's the perfect cover up.


6. Cycling caps can complete a look

We've learnt never to underestimate the importance of looking good out there. A cap can be the icing on the cake for an already stylish outfit. Plenty of manufacturers often produce caps not as great ways to turn a profit, but because they make other garments look even better.


7. Cycling caps are the essence of cycling

Cyclists have worn caps since they first started getting a kick out of riding up mountains. The are embedded in the fabric of cycling history. When you think about cycling caps it's almost impossible not to conjure up clichéd words like 'vintage' and 'classic', or decades like 'the 1950s'.


8. Cycling caps make you look hot

Carefully controlled scientific tests carried out in Lucerne and many long years of in-depth research have concluded that cyclists who wear caps look 27.6% hotter than those who don't. [Source: unknown].


9. Cycling caps allow you to take a swipe at that 'velominati' lot

Feel free to wear your cycling cap however you fancy. That's obvious. But especially make sure you wear it when you're not cycling. Why? Do you know the 'Velominati'? They're tongue-in-cheek, but at VeloVixen we take a perverse pleasure in contravening them... like Rule 22:

Rule #22 // Cycling caps are for cycling.
Cycling caps can be worn under helmets, but never when not riding, no matter how hip you think you look. This will render one a douche, and should result in public berating or beating. The only time it is acceptable to wear a cycling cap is while directly engaged in cycling activities and while clad in cycling kit.

So there you have it. In case you weren't already convinced, that should seal it.

Go forth and wear your cap with pride. They're awesome things and at VeloVixen we LOVE them.


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