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VeloVixen 09.09.22

After 10 years, shoes have arrived at VeloVixen! We couldn't be more excited to be able to cover an extra - and vitally important - part of you!

We've 'kicked off' (sorry) with a the remarkable new range of cycling shoes from Endura. After years in development, they've launched a superb collection suitable for cycling styles, ranging from full-on mountain biking to touring, bikepacking and commuting.



Endura have drawn on the peerless experience of Endura athletes like the legendary Rachel Atherton and combined with over 100 years of shoe making experience from their parent company Pentland.

The big (ahem) 'step forward'? StickyFOOT technology.

What's that, you ask? Well, Endura's wizards have created soles that are sticky when they come into contact with pedals. Not tacky, like glue, but formulated in a way to give you substantially better grip on the pedals, even without needing to clip in.

And that means that however hard or gently you ride, it just became safer, easier to control and more comfortable.

We've been blown away the simple brilliance of this, but equally much by the designs, colours, quality and versatility of this unisex collection.

Like any new range, the different models need a bit of explaining. Isn't a cycling shoe just a cycling shoe? Not quite. Here are the 3 new Endura shoes:


1. Endura MT500 Burner Clipless Shoes - £129


The pinnacle of the range, the MT500 Burner Clipless shoe blends StickyFOOT grip around the pedal contact area with the option to clip into your MTB pedals.

It's packed with detailing and technology befitting such a premium product, including a uniquely developed ergonomic sole, a finely balanced combination of stiffness and flex for power and control, a velcro strap for extra refinement, quick dry materials and reinforced toe and heel boxes.

All this, and it's still a shoe you can wear comfortably as a trainer when you climb off your bike.

Available in: NavyForest GreenCocoa (Red), Black - Sizes UK 5-12, stock levels permitting



2. Endura MT500 Burner Flat Shoes - £119


The sister shoe to the MT500 Burner Clipless, this offers all the same features minus the ability to clip in.

This means it makes even greater use of Endura's StickyFOOT sole to deform around your pedal pins and lock your feet safely in place.

They're ideal for riders who prefer not to clip in, as well as those who spend more time off the bike, either walking back up to the top of a trail, doing some tourism on a cycling holiday or walking into the office at the end of a commute.

Available in: NavyForest Green, Black - Sizes UK 5-12, stock levels permitting



1. Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoes - £89


The best of the bunch if your focus is as much on walking as cycling, Endura's Hummvee Flat Pedal shoe makes generous use of StickyFOOT grip rubber to keep you moulded to your pedal, plus plenty of other features from the MT500 Burner, but tones down the stiffness a notch to allow for even more comfortable casual use.

It may look stylishly laid back as a shoe, but don't be fooled - this is every bit as carefully designed and engineered as its companion shoes in the range.

Available in: NavyOlive Green, Pebble, Black - Sizes UK 5-12, stock levels permitting



We're pretty sure which shoe collection we're going to be sporting this season. The only decisions are which model and which colour!


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