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My Journey From Pulling Trucks to My First Triathlon - Part 1

Helen Grimster 19.03.21

Or... 'Zeetah – how one piece of kit changes your life'

The moment I saw the Zeetah trisuit it was love at first sight - the pattern, the colours. But I’ve never considered doing a triathlon.

Why would I buy something just because it looks so fabulous? After much deliberation and plenty of encouragement from Alexandra and Fran, I ordered one.

The moment I put it on, my goals for 2021 changed.

Last year I was training to do strongman competitions. You know the ones that are on at Christmas where big, bearded men lift concrete balls or pull trucks.

I had put on weight as mass moves mass, right? I had got strong with a 150kg deadlift and I could lift a 75 kg atlas stone, as well as pull a 12.5 tonne truck.

Helen in her strongman heyday

I stopped cycling and was training 6 days a week in my shed. Then came Covid and all my competitions were cancelled.

I returned to cycling and worked hard to get my confidence back. I’ve always found buying fabulous kit keeps me motivated.

So, when Zeetah landed I had to keep it, but I couldn’t just wear it for sitting on the turbo which is what I’d originally planned.

Thanks to a post from Claire Reid, I realised that I could do a triathlon as I live so close to Dorney (home of the 2012 Olympics rowing). I signed up to do my first Super Sprint on 17th July.

Alexandra is doing the same event with me – she is probably regretting it with all the things I keep asking.

Now I start my training! This is huge for me as I don’t like running. I really don’t like it. I have had a phobia of boob bounce all my life and no amount of scaffolding has convinced me otherwise.

I have invested in a sturdy set of strapping masquerading as a sports bra to keep the chance of black eyes down. I have braved it in my fully matching outfits and completed my first two running attempts!

Helen the cyclist - not quite so sure about the running or swimming elements - yet! 

Next up is getting the courage to start open water swimming. Living 5 minutes from the Thames means I have zero excuses, I just need to do it.

I have fought with my first wetsuit, but no amount of contortion would get it on - so back to the drawing board that one. Swimsuit bought for when the local outdoor pool opens, I’ll let you know how my first attempts go...


Top trisuits to help you love your triathlon

It’s been hard for me as I worked so hard to get strong and stopped any type of cardio. But returning to cycling in lockdown has kept me sane.

I’ve met so many fabulous ladies in the VV group and it’s great to get away from Zoom. I’ve shifted the strongman/lockdown kilos and I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with my first triathlon.


Part 2 - Coming Soon this Summer!


Helen (as you'll gather from the above!) is an enthusiastic part of the VeloVixen community - she kindly volunteered this blog having bought the Zeetah herself. Thank you, Helen!

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