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My journey from pulling trucks to my first triathlon - Part 2

Helen Grimster 01.06.21

Or... 'Zeetah – how one piece of kit keeps changing your life'

Revenge of the wetsuit...

The triathlon journey continues with getting to grips with swimming which has been challenging to say the least. Outdoor pools opened up and I rocked up to my first session in my swimsuit and surfing shorty wetsuit – oh how wrong I was.

So much to learn about this mythical world...


There were herds of fully kitted up DryrobeTM wearing serious triathletes in their Huub super-duper triple neoprene, stitched with unicorn mane wetsuits, odd one out yet again!

First lesson was all about not drinking the whole pool which was marginally successful. The biggest takeaway was breathing, you need to! I went home thinking do I need a wetsuit?

Well of course I did but how do you try a wetsuit on when all the shops are shut? You just order everything you can online and hope one of them works.

What followed was a succession of wriggling attempts to squeeze into a selection of different sizes and makes as documented above.

Unflattering photos sent to helpful friends, thanks Fran, Cara and Alex, to get feedback led to the choice of the pink Huub shown above.

Biggest test was: can I wear the Zeetah underneath, breathe and move – yes, I could. Next thing you know I’m a proud wearer of a DryrobeTM – it’s official, I’m one of those people.

I’ve now had 10 lessons in the outdoor pool and gradually my confidence has grown, and I am no longer worried about drowning!

My new mantra of talk to the fishes and listen to the fishes to get my breathing under control has worked and I’ve tested the Zeetah trisuit too.

However, this lulled me into a false sense of security as I took the big step to do my first open water swim last Saturday.

After the chat from a larger man in tiny pink speedos for an hour stood outside in the cold – no pictures for the sake of everyone’s eyes and stomachs – it was the moment of truth….

Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Don’t let that fool you – it was so cold that I lost all feeling in my body and the fear of things lurking at the bottom was overtaken by the utter horror of putting my face in the cold water.

I was totally terrified and now realise this open water swimming malarkey could end my triathlon dreams. I’ve signed up for more coaching, fingers crossed I’m going to get over the fear soon.

Meanwhile the cycling practice continues – not yet done a trisuit test. Running is still not my favourite, but obviously matching kit helps and whilst I’ll never be Dina Asher-Smith, I can at least look good in my run visor at all times.

Last thing I never realised was how much kit I was going to need. #franmademedoit 

Helen and Fran mid spending spree...



Part 3 - Coming Soon!

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