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New arrivals in the Vixen team

VeloVixen 27.08.20

While Covid's been a shocker for so many people and industries, the cycling world has been amongst the fortunate beneficiaries. We never want to rest on our laurels, but the fact that people have needed to, or wanted to, get out on their bikes is a silver lining to the whole sorry situation.

For us, that's meant we've had to deal with unprecedented demand for what we're offering. And - to be frank - it caught us on the hop. We weren't alone, of course, but it's meant we've needed to bolster our systems and broaden our team with some urgency to keep our standards up!

We've done that - and here are the new arrivals:


Mandy Aston

Mandy used to run the show here - she was in charge of managing the entire business centre where we're based. So we already knew first hand that she was:

A. A highly capable person

B. A highly excellent person

When she dropped by on her way back from a Covid-busting ride around a deserted, sunny Oxford, it soon became clear that we needed her! And we pounced to get her involved.

Mandy is now an integral part of our warehouse, stock management and customer team, and has got to grips with the vagaries of VeloVixen life in no time.

Living on a farm, Mandy has an almost obsessive devotion to the sun - and her prized open top red sports car!


Eleanor Young

Eleanor arrived with us as a self-professed non-cyclist. Gasp! But it hasn't taken long. As she gets to grips with the joys of female cycling kit, she's swiftly been seduced by a new-found love of cycling itself.

As she settles into life at VeloVixen, adding a new dimension to our order processing, she'll also be bringing her English graduate skills to bear in a blog, reporting her progress from 'Cub to Vixen'.

Eleanor's also flying the Youth flag - as the only actual 'young person' in the team (the rest of all pretend) she's teaching us what TikTok is and how eating instant coffee granules raw can make a difference to an evening out.


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