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VeloVixen 24.01.15

Launched in 2012, VeloVixen is still a relatively young company - and very much a family business. This has given us a real opportunity to build VeloVixen on solid principles from the outset. We don't want these to sound cheesy or unattainable. We do intend to continue to stick by them as we keep growing and maturing as a company.


1. Quality First, Aesthetics Second: we've built our reputation by offering a range full of exciting, fun, beautiful and elegant items. But before we even get to how they look, we insist that the quality of each product's design and finish is tip-top.

2. Look After Customers Properly: we've all been left banging our head on the desk in frustration at being badly treated by a company. We never want to be one of those. We aim to treat every customer as we'd want to be treated ourselves: with respect, efficiency, honesty and common sense. This may not be the fastest way to get rich, but it does allow us to look ourselves in the mirror.

3. Look After Suppliers Properly: we make every effort to deal with every one of our suppliers, distributors and colleagues with the same ethos.

4. Don't Just Cycle, Recycle: we recycle responsibly the packaging that our stock travels to us in, and choose environmentally friendly packaging in which to send the goods to you.

5. Love Responsible Manufacturers: we give preference to manufacturers who can prove that their use of materials is environmentally responsible.

6. Love Ethical Manufacturers: we avoid companies where there is any hint of abuse of staff or counterparties, or where there we pick up any sniff of environmental violations.

7. Love Smaller Companies: we try to favour smaller manufacturers and those doing things 'the right way'; we want to maximise the proportion of UK-based companies that we work with.

8. Get Out and Ride:
we 'eat our own cooking' by cycling to work (on all but the most extreme days!), and by using and testing our own equipment on an ongoing basis.

9. Wear a Helmet: although we understand the arguments for not wearing a helmet, we personally feel that cyclists should always choose to wear helmets - why wouldn't you reduce the risks if the only reason not to is vanity?

10. Take Care of Cycling's Reputation: we promote responsible cycling that leads to good relations with other road users - ie. not cycling on pavements and not jumping red lights.


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