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Tell Us Tuesday... (Updated Friday-ish!)

Jeni Sanderson 02.11.20

Tell Us Tuesday


Our community is just awesome. We're approaching 9000 cyclists on our Facebook group now and we love hearing their stories, answering their questions and sharing their joys - and sometimes even their pain. 

'Tell us Tuesday' is our new weekly feature in the group whereby we ask the community to share their cycling mini-stories from the week.

We have SUCH a diverse cycling family at VeloVixen from all walks of life and we want to celebrate that! We'll pick a few each week to share with you here, on or around Friday! (Yes, perhaps that's a bit weird, but it gives the whole community time to share their mini story!)

If you want to come and join in, become part of family in our Facebook Group.

Week of November 24th Click here for the original post

Helen Grimster

Helen Grimster

My favourite moment from this week was meeting a fellow vixen & chatting on my ride. It’s so lovely to see how Velovixen brings us together.

Emma Whitehouse

Emma Whitehouse

Normally a roadie and the hubby got me out on the MTB and muddy!!

Pauline Capaldi

Pauline Capaldi

A lovely sausage and egg roll from a takeaway owned by a cyclist in south Queensferry and eating it with this view 

Christine Brill

Christine Brill

A very therapeutic hour this afternoon, much needed

Rosanna Kuit

Rosanna Kuit

I left my usual leafy backroads and went for a sight seeing cruise round London on Sunday morning.

Lynne Barrow

Lynne Barrow

Solo ride today, so I was allowed to stop & take pictures. Don't you just hate it though, when Strava tells you that you are "trending slower" on a ride?

Gill farrell

Gill Farrell

Gravel/Mud ride with a few of the guys from my club. The day started with beautiful sunshine. Ended in a mud bath. Love it.

Mimi Bunn

Mimi Bunn

I got a message late Friday from a friend I haven't spoke to for years who has just started biking. We went for a lovely ride. My first time in cleats and I only fell over once (near the end typically)

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson

I did a bit of post-work dusk gravel riding on Monday and flew alongside a barn owl and some bats! Totally magical.

Week of November 17th Click here for the original post


Sam MacIntosh

Sam MacIntosh

Did 30 miles from our home in Norfolk with my girlfriend Laura - I fitted her roadie up with MTB pedals as she had trouble clipping out with SPD-SLs due to a hip replacement. They worked perfectly- first ride she’s done feeling completely confident! 

Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline Brown

You do realise this weekly thread is a great motivator to get out in the bikes, even if it is November and we are in lockdown - thank you x Last week was a see how much shopping we can do by bike week, including veggie shopping at a local farm shop where the leeks we almost too big for my bag.

Pip Bland

Pip Bland

A windy 23 miles testing out my new kit near Otley

Amelia Widdows

Amelia Widdows

Slip slidin away..... in mud !
Had to stop several times to chisel the mud and leaves out from my tyres with a stick as I was making a plough and the wheels wouldn’t turn round but fun and mud was plentiful. 

Jayne Harper

Jayne Harper

Not really adventuring, but enjoying my commute and getting used to cycling in the dark, something I thought I would never do!
Birmingham is often considered to be unattractive by people, but there are some gems tucked away that you’d miss in a car. Love this view...

Chris Kemp

Chris Kemp

The weather was horrendous this weekend. I've really been missing long rides on my road bike but managed to get out on my gravel bike instead. A fab day in the wind, rain and mud 

Shefali Rao

Shefali Rao

A birthday ride to get some brekkie and he made me an Irish coffee .. the ride back through a muddy patch was hilarious and disastrous !   Not the birthday look I wanted

Week of November 10th 2020 Click here for the original post!

Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline Brown

Getting to grips with lockdown here in France. Cycling as exercise is limited to one hour per day, within a one km radius of home, however, cycling as a mens of transport is unrestricted, although we are only allowed to leave home for essentials like shopping, work etc. Happy to report we've not touched a car for over a week, have found some local producers for fresh foods that we can get to by bike and even doing the recycling by bike has made it far less of a chore!

Chloe Geoghegan

Chloe Geoghegan

I did my first 100 miler this weekend!

Fiona Roberts

Fiona Roberts

I’ve hardly ridden since first lockdown as felt guilty at working through and not spending time with non-cycling daughter as have cross-crazy husband and son - HOWEVER when she was out on her horse on Sunday I managed an hours training with the cross boys! Bludy ❤️’d it!!

Rachael Thursfield fogy ride

Rachael Thursfield

We've been on a couple of rather foggy family rides this week

Karen Dillon visiting some local memorials.

Karen Dillon

I spent Remembrance Sunday visiting some local memorials.

Katherine Spinks

Katherine Spinks

The lockdown challenge link makes my FB crash for some reason. I’ve been Sufferfesting like mad in my garage but managed two lovely outdoor rides last week in the sunshine too. New VV kit en route now too so can get out more and stay warm! Bonus is that am now ordering a smaller size as now more than 2stone down from the summer! Be able to fit in the Castelli after Christmas I hope 😉

Lizzy Archer on the canals

Lizzy Archer

Explored some of the local canal network. So peaceful though concentration definitely needed at points!

Emma Gladwin on the mtb

Emma Gladwin

Had two rides on my MTB which was lovely as I've been addicted to my gravel bike I was missing the Beastie. Very muddy & sloppy which resulted in my changing my front tyre for a mud tyre (tubeless faff to boot) plus then re-indexing my gears after the second ride due to the slop not agreeing with the rear mech! Oh and I plotted my own route using OS maps  👍 Very happy!

Week of November 3rd 2020 Click here for the original post!

Jacqueline Brown enjoying the autumn

Jacqueline Brown

We were so lucky to get a few nights away with the bikes, getting home just as lockdown number two arrived in France. We managed 200kms cycling in the Lot, mostly along the river Lot and amongst the Cahors vineyards. We found a great mix of flat cycle tracks repurposed from old railways, hill climbs to hidden villages and quiet roads with overhanging rocks. The autumn colours were stunning in the sun and not too shabby in the drizzle either. It was the perfect way to enter winter and lockdown.

Tracy Munro gets her 3000 miles medal

Tracy Munro

I got my 3000 miles medal that's from 1st January to 1st of November Sorry no pics of me on my bike or with my medal yet

Victoria Howarth is out early doors

Victoria Howarth

A very early ride and home before the children were up... Even avoided the rain!

Angela Mills and her new gravel bike

Angela Mills

Bought a gravel bike. First ride out it was blowing a hooley and I got soaked!

Jay McInnes is a weirdo out on Halloween

Jay McInnes

Weirdo out on Halloween 

Jane Rees in the Gorge

Jane Rees

Somerset and Cheddar Gorge. So lucky to have a five night break, and get home on Friday

Nikki enjoys a group ride before lockdown

Nikki Pearson

I joined some friends for a sunny but blustery 20 miles on Sunday morning. Here we are waiting for coffee and cake sitting among the plants in a lovely independent nursery and cafe. Got some lovely remarks about my favourite jersey.

Week of October 27th 2020

Let's start with a bumper week of mini-stories! Click here for the original post!


Imogen Amelia Callaway

Had a lovely breeze ride last night, hadn’t led one in a month due to doing so much admin for other stuff with breeze, so was happy but nervous! All 5 ladies turned up to ride in the dark and mud! It was lovely! Have another on Wednesday! Hope I get as good turn out!

Linda O'brien

Happiness at reaching the end of the cycle:)


Sharon McDermott

Got back out after a back injury and managed 12 miles around Bracknell. Was the first time I have ridden a bike in the dark since at least the late 90's! Tested out my new road lights and reflective jacket successfully! Rewarded with a twinkly view of Bracknell from Cabbage Hill.


Emma Graveling Aldrich

I work for the NHS in a two hospitals trust. My personal challenge for a year now has been to cycle to the furthest site.

It’s only 14 miles away and I often make up my shorter commute to the main site from 4 miles to 10-15 just because I can but so much has been putting me off the ‘longer’ commute. What if I come off/get a flat/get lost/it’s hillier than I thought/ can’t face the ride home etc etc (delete as appropriate! ).

Last Thursday I did it. It was fine. It wasn’t the best route. Some bits were bloody hilly. Some were busier than others. Some were so rural that I had to walk (mud, chestnuts and leaves are a bad combo on steep hills) but I did it. Was on a high all day.


Wendy Van Lubek

We organised a virtual Challenge to cycle the height of the Stelvio or run/walk the length of the Stelvio. This weekend we delivered the medals to some of the participants riding a 100k ride. We collected money for cancer research and we still have 14 medals left.

Sarah Hankin

Made it into local paper after completing 55 mile challenge

Jami Blythe

Went up Dukes Pass. What an absolute treat! Last minute toad trip well and truly worth it.

Kiran MB

I’ve been managing to get out for rides despite the rain so I’m pleased I’m managing to keep cycling.

Kelly Vogel

I had a weird old week of feeling accomplished having removed spacers from my handle bars. Then my neighbour looked it over, declared it totally unsafe and made me promise to never tinker again.

Then he gave my bike a little service and I got my best ever average speed of 16.9mph on a 20 mile ride - felt amazing!


Jacqueline Job

My three yr old Grandson having a little chat with his “Coach” about squeezing the brakes not jamming them on, before we set out on a quiet road, where I’ll be trying to keep up with him jogging beside!

Patricia Madgewick

Had a fabulous week of cycling in Norfolk last week. Very mucky but enjoyable.

Amanda Woollends

Left in the sunshine thinking I could squeeze in one last beautiful fall ride, and instead got caught in a sudden blizzard while out last week!

Suzanne McNally

Great cycling for two days in West Yorkshire, hilly, wet but amazing fun on MTB.


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