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The Full 360: our Strava Challenge


VeloVixen Strava Challenge - The Full 360

Strava - if you're regularly active in 2021 and take any interest in how you're progressing, then you're probably 'on' it. Who can resist the chance to monitor your improvements in time, speed or endurance, and - if the competitive juices are flowing - mark yourself against your peers.

More than anything, we think Strava's fun!

(If you don't yet know about Strava, scroll to the bottom to find out more...)

So after many years of using it ourselves and hosting our own Strava club, we're thrilled to be presenting our first official Strava Challenge. Open to anyone on Strava, complete it and it'll lead to a £20 voucher for you.

Reassured by our friends at beautiful brands like Sweaty Betty and Stolen Goat that we wouldn't regret it, we've heard inspirational tales of how a Strava Challenge will galvanise and unite a community of vixens like ours.

And if there's one thing we love, it's bringing unity, fun and joy to our cycling community.


So what are you taking on with the Full 360? It's simple:

  • Do 360 minutes of Strava activity
  • It can be anything from cycling to swimming, hand-cycling to rollerblading
  • Make sure it's in the three weeks from September 20th to October 10th
  • That's it!


And what do you get in return?

  • A unique £20 VeloVixen voucher code to spend
  • It must be on an order of £80 or more, delivering to a UK address
  • It can include sale products
  • You must spend it by midnight on November 7th
  • You can see full Terms & Conditions here

To see the full selection of products you can choose from, click here:

So what do you say? Join us and be part of the biggest women's cycling Strava challenge yet!

Female cyclists celebrating the VeloVixen Strava Challenge

It's easy to assume people know about Strava - we're very conscious not to do that! If you'd like to find out more about how to use your smart phone to allow you to track your physical activity, click below - the good folk of Strava have created a sensibly worded page to explain to the (still many!) uninitiated how it actually works.

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