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The VeloVixen Lockdown Challenge!

Jeni Sanderson 06.11.20


With another lockdown upon us, the team at VeloVixen wanted to develop something to help keep our community active and motivated during a time some of us find a little challenging.  


Our own challenge was to find something that could speak to our whole community - we're exceptionally proud of our wide-reaching, diverse group; we have cyclists from all over the world riding ALL kinds of bikes. From their first shopper bike to full on aero-style race bikes, we have it all in our community and the beauty is in the respect they offer each other.  

Saying that, if we developed a 'ride 100km' challenge, it would work for some and not others, if we made it about speed, distance or power it's just not going to work. So we're hoping our pick-list of mini-tasks will help you stay on top of things during this latest lockdown. 


What you need to do! 


Below are the 15 things to get cracking on, in our Facebook Group - we're going to be trialling Facebook's new 'Social learning units' so you can work through the different tasks and share your results! Do make sure you tick them off as you go, there MAY JUST BE A REWARD FOR PARTICIPANTS... watch this space!

VV Lockdown Challenge!



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