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VeloVixen & Coronavirus

VeloVixen 16.03.20

All businesses are having to react to our new global era of the Coronavirus, and at VeloVixen we are obviously no exception.

We are continuing business as usual for as long as government guidance allows - in fact, being as small as we are we expect to be able to weather most storms even if there are only one or two of us here to fulfil orders and answer customer questions. We are also relatively mobile as we do most of our work on laptops. So we don't anticipate going quiet any time soon!

However, being a small business does make us especially vulnerable to business drying up. So if you are considering investing in any new kit this spring, whether for riding outside as circumstances allow, for moving to indoor cycling (see our full range here), or simply because you feel like stockpiling something lovely, we would urge you to bear us in mind. Whilst human health is top priority, it's a time of life and death for businesses too.

In the meantime, we hope the following steps will help keep you and our team as safe as possible:

  • We are all washing our hands like dervishes and avoiding contact, as advised;
  • All products that leave us have will have been touched only by us in at least 72 hours before they arrive with you, all but eradicating the risks of contagion;
  • Should any VeloVixen team member show the remotest signs of infection or have any other grounds for self-isolation, they will no longer come in to work with immediate notice.

These are 'unprecedented times', as we keep reading everywhere - and especially not fun if you love pedalling in the fresh air. Hang in there - we'll get the other side in the end. And stay healthy.

Take care of yourselves,

Liz, Phil, Fran and the Vixens xx


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