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VeloVixen New Ambassador 2: Sabs

VeloVixen 26.05.22

Sabs has been an integral part of our Facebook Group  and supporter of VV for longer than we can remember, sharing her fantastically relatable experiences of being a 'normal' cyclist - with a real twinkle of fun.

She's a mum to two young daughters who are getting into cycling themselves, and a great source of common sense answers to women's health related questions. We think she's a shining example of how much cycling can contribute to a fulfilling life. But enough from us...


What (or who!) inspired you to start cycling?

My husband Mark! I started cycling about 15 years ago when I met him but only what I would call “leisure rides” in fair weather.

At the time I had a second hand mountain bike but I wasn’t very keen on off roading so didn’t really cycle regularly.

After the birth of my first daughter, I suffered from postnatal depression and went through quite a tough time emotionally, which left me lacking the motivation to do much exercise at all.

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, and after I gave birth, Mark encouraged me to cycle to stave off recurrent PND. I went out reluctantly a couple of evenings a week, starting off with just 2 mile rides…but slowly caught the bug.

I was still riding around the local roads on my MTB at this point so with the help of hubby’s research, I upgraded to a gravel bike and then eventually a road bike only a few years ago.


Happiest cycling memory?

My happiest cycling memory is from last summer when we did a family cycle ride along the Exe Estuary Trail for my eldest daughter’s 7th birthday. She rode 21 miles  (her longest ride to date) and my littlest (then 4) rode 8 of those miles by herself and the rest hooked up to the back of daddy’s bike :)



One thing you've learnt since getting into cycling?

That it makes me a happier and calmer person.


Any areas of cycling you feel particularly happy to share knowledge or experience of?

I’m happy to share my cycling knowledge/experience of riding with children, riding as someone from an ethnic minority, general health/wellbeing, peri-menopause and of course, my favourite subject - matchy matchy kit!!  



Best route you've ever cycled?

No real best route, just all the lanes around Worcestershire and Warwickshire!

I once rode in the mountains near Lake Garda, Italy, but wasn’t really a cyclist at the time so no idea what I was doing but I loved it!



Route you'd love to cross off the bucket-list?

Not a route as such but would love to go cycling in Italy or Mallorca.


Favourite cycling brand (aside from VeloVixen!)?

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Pearl IzumiEndura, SportfulStolen Goat.


Components of the ultimate cycling outfit?

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Ideal café stop order (tea/ coffee? cake? …flapjack?!)?

Tea and millionaire’s shortbread


The best thing about being part of the VeloVixen community?

The support, encouragement and tips in a safe environment plus all the banter!




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