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VeloVixen New Ambassador 3: Jane

VeloVixen 26.05.22

Jane is a stalwart part of our Facebook Group community, sharing tales of her cycling adventures (and occasional mishaps!) in a wonderfully engaging and honest way.

She's a doyenne of touring and bike packing, a sucker for a flat white, and exactly the kind of warm and open soul that makes our group thrive.


What (or who!) inspired you to start cycling?

My husband (then boyfriend) inspired me to start cycling to go cycle touring, mostly involving quiet French country roads, baguettes and vin rouge!


Happiest cycling memory?

My happiest cycling memory has to be having the courage to cycle through central Paris around the Arc de Triomphe with my husband and two girls (then aged 12 and 14).


One thing you've learnt since getting into cycling?

I’ve learned so many things but one important thing is to just have fun and enjoy every ride.

Any areas of cycling you feel particularly happy to share knowledge or experience of?

I’d love to share my knowledge of cycle touring, bike packing and planning for those weekends away.  



Best route you've ever cycled?

The best route I’ve ever cycled is probably through the Outer Hebrides on my old silver Coventry Eagle.


Route you'd love to cross off the bucket-list?

The route I’d love to cross off my bucket list would be from my front door to Rome.


Favourite cycling brand (aside from VeloVixen!)?

My favourite cycling brands from VV site are Iris (for style) and Stolen Goat (for practicality and value for money).


Components of the ultimate cycling outfit?

My summer/autumn outfit would comprise:

(click on link for our collections)


Ideal café stop order (tea/ coffee? cake? …flapjack?!)?

Ideal cafe stop order will always be a Flat White & slice of coffee cake!


The best thing about being part of the VeloVixen community?

The best thing about being part of the VV community has to be the willingness of all the lovely vixens to share their knowledge and experiences and to make each other feel at home on a bike!



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