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VIDEO: Castelli love this pad so much they use it in ALL their shorts! 

VeloVixen 23.03.18

One of the original most compelling reasons for stocking Castelli was their pad. Sounds simple, but why the attraction?!

Quite simply, it's one of the best we've ever found. Here are Liz and Fran to tell you more - in their own inimitable style...


We couldn't quite believe that they used the same pad for all the cycling shorts, bibs and tights in their range. Why did we ever doubt them?!

Such is their insistence on top quality pads that they use the same one for their rather lovely entry level Velocissima shorts (as shown in the video) as for all but the very top-of-the-range versions that the pros wear.


The technical stuff...

  • Seamless skin care layer
  • Seamless brushed microfibre finish to avoid chafing
  • Flexible, anatomic shape to move with you
  • Multi-density without use of panels to lessen pressure at the crucial points
  • Thickness varies from 4-14mm
  • Bacteriostatic treatment to avoid infection and soreness


Q. What do a 19th century Italian tailor, a designer for the Milan Ballet and the first ever lycra cycling shorts have in common?

A. They are all part of a rich 140 year history that's led to today's most recognised brand in cycling: Castelli. 


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