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VIDEO: strength training demo - with Triathlon World Champ Simone Dailey 

Simone Mitchell 18.10.17

In September 2017, Simone Dailey became Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Champion. The following weekend, she got married to Ollie. To top it all off, the next weekend she came to give a strength training demo at our VeloVixen Women's Cycling Hub.

Watch her performance for some fantastic routines to 'build a base, build a champion'. She's a machine, but a lovely machine whose career as a personal trainer ensures she's great at explaining and pushing you towards a physique and a performance like hers. And she was persuasive enough to get several members of the audience writhing around on the floor being put to the test!

This is just the start. We'll be featuring more videos of Simone in the months to come, to help you on your way to better strength and fitness for cycling - and so much more. For her latest glute training video, click here.

Oh, and watch out for Fran getting the giggles...


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