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VIDEO: the VeloPac RidePac - with Fran

VeloVixen 06.12.17

The VeloPac RidePac is one of those really simple ideas that can genuinely make a difference to you.

Handmade by a UK-based company, VeloPac's RidePacs have been the runaway hit for us in 2017, and small wonder.

Available in a range of natty designs, and starting at just £29, they're the one piece of kit you need to keep your valuables safe and dry on a ride.

They're soft enough to squish comfortably into a jersey pocket, so you'll hardly even know it's there.

They're waterproof enough to keep the inside dry even in driving rain. And they're big enough to contain even larger mobile phones - plus money, cards, ID, and maybe even a cheeky snack.

We'll let Fran - who's been using hers for years - explain more...


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