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We're picking VeloVixen ambassadors - who should it be?!

VeloVixen 21.08.20

We've been supporting women's cycling in all its guises for many years now. So much so that many people tell us we've become synonymous with great clothes to cycle in.

Earlier this summer we launched our first 'own brand' VeloVixen range. It went down a storm and we practically sold out each time we restocked.

So now that we're sure you like what we're designing, we want more people to be looking and feeling great in it! We want to spread the word and help encourage more people to sample the joys of VeloVixen kit.

Here's how we need your help and suggestions: who do you think of as a VeloVixen in spirit? They need to be:

  1. Energetic and passionate about cycling - and life more broadly
  2. Active and engaged on Instagram
  3. Part of a cycling social group or network, however informal - club, team or just friends 

We're looking for women of all ages, sizes, creeds, colours and styles of cycling. We'll be inviting them to wear items from our new Autumn/Winter range and show it off to the world!

So let us know: do you have what it takes? Are you that person? Or who do you follow on Instagram that fits the bill?

Send us your suggestions and Instagram profile(s) entitled 'Ambassadors' to contact@velovixen.com by midnight on Sunday 20th September 2020.


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