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When You “Accidentally” Drink Too Much Champagne...

Catherine Steel 07.11.19

Champagne is my Achilles heel!

Recently, we went to one of my lovely friends' 50th birthday parties. It was a beautiful evening, just so much fun.

There was a nice chap who was looking after drinks at the dinner table for us and he clocked that I wasn’t really drinking any wine. I was trying to be good after nearly 2 hours of chat, canapes and champers in the garden. So instead, he kept on topping up my champagne glass. 

I was meeting new people, having a laugh and a lovely time.

But what I had done is completely lost track of how much I had to drink with my glass always miraculously being filled.

To give up wine completely, for me, is just taking away a pleasure that I enjoy

Now what I should have done is said “no thanks, I’ve had enough now”. But we were having so much fun and eating lots of gorgeous food.

Roll on the next day and... hmmmmm, I was exhausted. So much so I even had a big fluffy bacon role my friend had made for all of us staying over. AND I DON’T EAT BREAD!!!!

I had a long hard word with myself. Catherine Steel you are a Nutritional Therapist, what were you thinking? 

Then I got over it.

There wasn’t anything that I could do, I needed to start to look at the things I am going to do to move forward from this.


Kit to make you feel better

We know that alcohol places a burden on the liver. What you may now know is that it also:

  1. Messes with the gut lining and our good bacteria
  2. Disrupts our blood sugar balance because it is essentially sugar.

Hence my low blood sugar the morning after and craving carbohydrates.


So here are some of the things that I did, to support my body after this little champagne-fueled blip.

  1. Have a nice organic roast chicken - protein is needed to support detoxification
  2. Then make some bone broth. Bone broth supports a healthy gut lining. I drink this on its own with my lunch, or make a soup.
  3. Make some stewed apples to have with a little bit of yoghurt after dinner. Again great support for the gut lining and very yummy.
  4. Take a probiotic for a few weeks.
  5. Support the liver over the coming weeks with an extra daily juice mix of beetroot, apple, squeeze of lemon and water.
  6. Support the liver further with some milk thistle.
  7. Have a few weeks off alcohol. I am now what I call at 2 x 2. To give up wine completely, for me, is just taking away a pleasure that I enjoy. Therefore I try to have no more than two glasses of wine two nights of the week.

But for now, I will give myself a little longer to give my body a little bit of a rest after Saturday night's overindulgence.  

If you are trying to drink less here are some top tips that I and some of my clients find very helpful.

  • Sparkling water with cherry aid.
  • Seedlip and tonic.
  • Just drink your sparkling water out of a wine glass, my favourite.
  • Do something else to wind down after a hard day's work. Buy a candle and take a long hot bath. Sometimes it is habit more than anything and building a new habit is the first way to go about breaking an old one.

Keep smiling and pedalling, and enjoy the festivities ahead,

Cath x

Catherine is The Cyclist's Nutritionist. To find out more go to www.catherinesteel.co.uk or join her Facebook group #Superfueldcyclists.


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