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Bobbin Bicycles Straw Pannier

Why to buy: Stylish, sturdy and practical to boot. This waterproof tan-coloured pannier with adjustable locking clips fits most racks with ease.

NOTE: Sadly, we no longer stock these panniers - however, for our current range of brilliant bags for riding around town, please click here. There are some crackers...!

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Stylish, practical and thoughtfully designed, the Bobbin Straw pannier will certainly stand the test of time and durability. I will go as so far to say this is the best cycling bag that I've reviewed so far…” - Velo City Girl

A pannier this elegant shouts oh-so-quietly of your style credentials - and it's immensely practical to boot. The single pannier clips onto one side of the rear bike rack, and simply unclips to be carried, when you leave your bike. With adjustable locking clips that twist to fit both slim and chunky racks, it’s rather versatile.

Made from flattened tan-coloured woven straw, it’s lined and bound with waterproof fabric. Extra weather protection comes from a zip fastening and a velcro flap, making the pannier 100% waterproof. The smart 'boxy' shape will remain neatly firm even when packed full of your life's accoutrements, be these your gym kit, laptop or shopping.

And the straw will age and weather gracefully, as with all good style classics.

Size Guide

  • Width: 39cm; Height: 37cm ; Depth: 16cm
  • Capacity: 23 litres
  • Tech Spec

    • Exterior: Flattened woven straw
    • Attachment: adjustable locking clip to fit standard side pannier racks
    • Width: 39cm; Height: 37cm ; Depth: 16cm
    • Capacity: 23 litres
    • Note: The clips on this bag swivel. After a couple of uses, the manufacturer suggests that you check they’re tight with a screwdriver

      Who's Behind It?

      Tom Morris and Sian Emmison are an inspiration to us. They met originally in Holland, where they were living as artists. They fell in love with each other, and the Amsterdam cycling scene. They started Bobbin Bicycles in 2007 - like us at VeloVixen, as a husband and wife team.  

      Their idea had been seeded when they spotted the potential for selling 'proper' Dutch bikes in the UK.  Bobbin was born from a later trip back to Holland to pick up a consignment of traditional Dutch bikes in a van. From there, the company grew quickly, and they now sell their beautiful bikes around the world.

      They are charming and understated, but run a tight ship at Bobbin. And the style and attention to detail in their excellent bike accessories are a reflection of this. They are London based and passionate believers in the liberty that cycling brings.  Right up our street.

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