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Bobbin Portfolio Pannier (Burgundy)


Why to buy: Effortlessly stylish, hardwearing and practical, this water resistant pannier is packed with clever cycling details and fits most racks with ease.

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A pannier this elegant shouts in whispered tones of your style credentials - and it's thoroughly practical to boot. The Bobbin Portfolio Pannier clips onto one side of a rear bike rack, and unclips simply for carrying when you leave your bike. With top quality Rixen & Kaul twist fittings that fits practically all racks, it's as versatile as it is stylish.

Made from top quality water resistant waxed cotton, it’s also fully lined with 100% cotton. Extra weather protection comes from a zip fastening to hide away the fittings. The Bobbin Portfolio Pannier's cleverly conceived balance of generous capacity with light weight allows you to fill it with your life's accoutrements, be these gym kit, 13" laptop or shopping.

And don't even get us started on the understated chic of the real dark leather fastenings and the adjustable shoulder strap. The Bobbin Portfolio Pannier's an instant classic, in our books.

Size Guide

Width: 32cm

Height: 39cm

Depth: 14cm

Tech Spec

  • Width: 32cm | Height: 39cm | Depth: 14cm
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Durable, top quality Rixen Kaul fastening mechanism
  • Hooks hideable in a zip away pocket
  • Magnetic snappers
  • Water resistant waxed cotton
  • Zipped internal pocket
  • Reinforced to fit laptops safely
  • Deep brown real leather straps

Who's Behind It?

Tom Morris and Sian Emmison are an inspiration to us. They met originally in Holland, where they were living as artists. They fell in love with each other, and the Amsterdam cycling scene. They started Bobbin Bicycles in 2007 - like us at VeloVixen, as a husband and wife team.

Their idea had been seeded when they spotted the potential for selling 'proper' Dutch bikes in the UK. Bobbin was born from a later trip back to Holland to pick up a consignment of traditional Dutch bikes in a van. From there, the company grew quickly, and they now sell their beautiful bikes around the world.

They are charming and understated, but run a tight ship at Bobbin. And the style and attention to detail in their excellent bike accessories are a reflection of this. They are London based and passionate believers in the liberty that cycling brings. Right up our street.

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1 customer reviews

  1. Disappointing

    Review by Alex

    I bought this pannier less than a year ago and use it almost every weekday during my cycle commute. After 10 months I need to replace it. The leather strap at the top has almost split off the bag. I use this constantly for carrying the bag.

    Other problems I had:
    Shoulder strap is really thick and difficult to wear. It also can't be detached from the bag.
    There is a Velcro strap on the back which is virtually impossible to attach to the bike but does stick to clothing and ruin fabric.

    Good for laptops

    Overall: I will not buy a replacement Bobbin pannier

    VeloVixen says: Hi, Alix - sorry to hear your pannier hasn't been a great success. We obviously want products to last more than a year and however much they're constantly used we want them to be durable over the longer term. Whilst the leather strap is inevitably the secondary means of carrying a pannier, it ought to be up to the task.

    More specifically, to your points, the thickness of the shoulder strap is deliberate to spread the weight and ensure it's strong enough without digging in, but sorry to hear you've found it tricky. And the velcro strap, like any velcro, definitely needs to be stuck to itself to avoid damaging clothes, but again it's disappointing to hear you've struggled to attach it to the bike.

    Whilst it may not be any consolation, we've generally had positive responses on the Bobbin bag range, but that's not to say there can't be odd one that let's its owner down. Feel free to send us some pictures that we can forward to the makers to follow up and get their reaction.

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