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Café du Cycliste Yolande Jersey (Khaki/Grey)

Why to buy: The Yolande jersey will keep you warm in the saddle for many years to come, simply the Rolls Royce of women's cycling jerseys.
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"The Yolande is a triumph of style, function and practicality; I have little doubt I could wear this to the office without garnering undue attention from the fashion police. Undoubtedly one of the best jerseys/jumpers on the market." - thewashingmachinepost

"The Yolande jersey then is the epitome of quality and design detail. It has traditional styling that challenges the best, it has quality that will keep you in comfort for many seasons, and it has an attention to detail that is second to none." - timwiggins.com

Inspired by the roads of the French Riviera where is was created, the Yolande is true luxury on a bike. It's perfect for serious rides or for just looking stylish around town. Its merino wool content makes it as sumptuous as it is hard wearing, and the attention to technical detail is truly eye-popping. Thick enough to help keep you warm on winter rides, the breathable, wicking, non-itchy properties of its material blend ensure won't feel the heat except on the sultriest summer days.

Its delicious combination of subtle colours will make you want to keep it on even when your bike is locked away. And its anti-odour properties will minimise that post-ride whiff, so you won't become a social pariah! Importantly it was designed from scratch specifically for the 'female form'.

Additional features include: thumb loops and fitted cuffs to keep sleeves from riding up, special zipped key pocket, triple back pocket, iPod pocket and cable hole, pump pocket, and a selection of subtle but effective reflective details.  If you don't enjoy your cycling more in this, you probably never will.

Size Guide

Café du Cycliste's sizing is generally pretty realistic. As with many European makes, if you're torn between two sizes err towards the larger of the two. Bear in mind that most of their products are cut more for comfort than for out and out skin hugging, so this can help counteract any 'undersizing'.

  • X-Small: UK10 / 33/34" or 84-86cm bust
  • Small: UK12 / 35/36" or 89-91cm bust
  • Medium: UK14 / 37/38" or 94-96cm bust
  • Large: UK16 / 39/40" or 99-101cm bust
  • X-Large: UK18 / 41/42" or 104-106cm bust
  • Tech Spec

    • 25% merino / 71% polyester / 4% polyamide
    • Full zip
    • Integrated sleeve loop
    • Zipped key pocket
    • Pump pocket
    • Zipped chest pocket
    • Ipod cable hole
    • Triple back pocket
    • Reflective logo and elements on back
    • Embroided Logo on front

    Who's Behind It?

    André a former Ironman and Rémi a former canoeing World Champion are the founding duo behind Café du Cycliste. The pair started out opening a dreamy cycling community cafe in the Cote D’Azur, Nice and haven’t moved from that location since.

    Soon after, André and Rémi launched what they deliberately describe as an ‘alternative cycling wear brand’. The essence of Café du Cycliste is to avoid the unsophisticated and garish. They combine the finest materials and latest technology with a retro twist, allowing you to perform to your best but look elegant and stylish in doing so.

    Development, patterning, designing and testing all still take place on the inspirational Cote D’Azur, with only the actual manufacturing outsourced. We simply love their approach to both work and play, and their products consistently rank amongst the most sought after of any we stock.

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