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Café du Cycliste Fleurette Jersey (Black)

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Why to buy: Cafe du Cycliste's alluring lightweight stretch fabric jersey with tiny dots is a surefire winner for any season, especially with the option to style by rolling up the sleeves.

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Cafe du Cycliste have rapidly built an amazing reputation for beautiful cycling clothing that also works fantastically on a bike. The women's Cafe du Cycliste Fleurette tilts that delicate balance fractionally - this is a 100% technical jersey, which just happens to look fabulous!

Made from lightweight, stretchy fabric which maximises airflow and wicks moisture away from your body efficiently, the Fleurette is ideal for warmer, longer rides - although you're likely to want to show it off when you're back from the wilds too.

Typically for Cafe du Cycliste, the Fleurette's detailing is exemplary - right down to the option to roll the sleeves up further on super-hot days. A surefire winner and - with it's new jet black and polka dots colourway - one that will give you that certain je ne sais quoi out on the road.

A review from The Guardian says...

I've been wearing the super lightweight Fleurette jersey for a year and absolutely love it.

Size Guide

Café du Cycliste's sizing is generally pretty realistic. As with many European makes, if you're torn between two sizes err towards the larger of the two. Bear in mind that the Fleurette is race cut, so is deliberately fitted. If you prefer a more roomy fit, pick the larger size.

  Chest Waist Hips Arm UK US Europe Japan
X-Small <76cm / 32" <66cm / 26" <92cm / 36" <56cm / 22" 8 4 36 9
Small 76-81cm / 32-34" 66-71cm / 26-28" 92-97cm / 36-38" 56-59cm / 22-23" 10 6 38 11
Medium 81-86cm / 34-36" 71-76cm / 28-30" 97-102cm / 38-40" 59-61cm / 23-24" 12 8 40 13
Large 86-97cm / 36-38" 76-81cm / 30-32" 102-107cm / 40-42" 61-64cm / 24-25" 14 10 42 15
X-Large >97cm / >38" >81cm / >32" >107cm / >42" >64cm / >25" 16 12 44 17


Unsure where to measure?  Search through the images above and you will find the measurement guide.

Tech Spec

  • 100% polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Full length zip
  • 3 rear cargo pockets
  • Zipped key pocket
  • Hole for earphones
  • Reflective detailing
  • Silicon gripper on hem to prevent riding up
  • Race fit
  • Made in Europe

The ideal jersey for warm weather. Combine with a base and top layer for cooler conditions.

Who's Behind It?

André a former Ironman and Rémi a former canoeing World Champion are the founding duo behind Café du Cycliste. The pair started out opening a dreamy cycling community cafe in the Cote D’Azur, Nice and haven’t moved from that location since.

Soon after, André and Rémi launched what they deliberately describe as an ‘alternative cycling wear brand’. The essence of Café du Cycliste is to avoid the unsophisticated and garish. They combine the finest materials and latest technology with a retro twist, allowing you to perform to your best but look elegant and stylish in doing so.

Development, patterning, designing and testing all still take place on the inspirational Cote D’Azur, with only the actual manufacturing outsourced. We simply love their approach to both work and play, and their products consistently rank amongst the most sought after of any we stock.

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2 customer reviews

  1. Disappointing - just a fashion item

    Review by monxton

    I bought this jersey in a previous colourway (Lime Punch, which was a green polka-dot). The fabric is thin and clingy, but I hoped it would be good for warm days. Unfortunately not, because despite the claims that it is a wicking fabric, once it was got wet through sweating, it just holds the liquid indefinitely, so you are left in a clammy top for the rest of the day. Without that wicking function, this jersey is just a fashion item suitable for short rides, not an all-day tour.

    The other problem is that the stitching has unravelled, not just in one place but in many separate places. This suggests an absence of care in the production - it looks good on the rail but falls apart after a few washes.

    There are much less expensive cycling jerseys in my wardrobe which have stood the test of time and are still working for me after several years. I don't think this will become one of them.

    VeloVixen Says: Hi - so sorry to hear you were disappointed with your Fleurette. I hope it goes without saying that if it's fallen to pieces with minimal riding, you should obviously return it to us as it sounds like a rare dud product from Cafe du Cycliste.

    As to whether they work technically or are just for fashion, we wouldn't want to dispute with what you've found personally and sorry to hear you experience wasn't great. However, perhaps best to refer you to Axel and Andres - two men who beat the world record for cycling the length of South America earlier this year, and corroborated our view of the Fleurette over the years. They rode most of the route in male black Fleurettes and seemed pretty happy with them:

  2. This is a good clothes

    Review by Sara

    Lightweight breathable

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