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Chapeau! Merino Warmer - Deep Ocean


Cover the gaps. Made of 100% merino, with the option to roll up or down, you'll want to wear this snood again and again - whether you're cycling or not!

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Old Chinese medicine advice (and mums) say that the warmer you keep your neck the better. And we totally agree. So, what better way to shield yourself from a possible 'flu bug than to wear this Chapeau cycling neck warmer. A lovely, stylish way to keep warm on your chilly travels, on or off the bike.

Made from 100% premium non-mulesed merino wool, it's double-weight for extra warmth against bitter winds and frosty morning chills. You can wear your snood high above your nose when things get extreme, snug under your chin or buttoned down. Its funneled shape seals the gaps between your jersey and neck - it works a bit like that doggie draught excluder we're all familiar with, minus the dog.

Perfectly soft, comfortable and cold-weather ready, the Chapeau! merino warmer makes sure all the important bits (we sometimes forget) are wrapped up too.

Size Guide

One size fits all. 

Tech Spec

  • 100% Premium Non Mulesed Merino wool
  • Breathable
  • High wicking
  • Odour resistant
  • Wear over your nose | covering your neck | 

Care: Please note that merino can catch on sharp things like keys and brambles. If a hole appears, this can be easily darned.  We suggest that you wash the Chapeau! Warmer with similar items, and don't use fabric conditioner.  Zips, velcro and metal trims can damage merino during washing - keep these seperate, then dry the warmer flat. With a little care, it should become a long-term luxurious favourite.

Who's Behind It?

We admired Chapeau! from afar for years before finally consummating our relationship and finding a loving way to offer our customers their beautiful kit. Based in Exeter, they are a truly British team - something that reflects in their designs as well as their attention to technical detail. So what kind of folk are they? We think they hit a great balance between a true passion for cycling and a refusal to take it (or themselves) too seriously. They hate cycling stereotypes, love cake, hate cycling snobbery, love inclusivity. They respect cyclists of all types, look after their bikes and kit like their own children, and truly want to share their passion with others. In short, they're our kind of people. And the proof couldn't be clearer: 'Chapeau!', in case you weren't aware, is French for 'hat', and is the traditional cycling parlance to pay tribute to a fellow cyclist's efforts. We say 'Chapeau!' to them.

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