HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets

HJC are relative newcomers to the world of cycling. But their experience in protecting people's heads is unparalleled.

They are amongst the most experienced and respected motorbike helmet manufacturers in the world. The number 1 helmet manufacturer in the world for 17 years, they first started 45 years ago.

Since then they've made helmets for top race pros as well as millions of 'normal' motorcyclists. They distribute to 65 countries and have 20% market share in Europe amongst the world of motorised 2-wheelers.

Their very own wind tunnel facilities give them the aerodynamic edge over the competition, and this technology percolates all the way through their range. Their commitment to exceptional quality standards is legendary.

All of which means that when they took the leap into cycling helmets, they were never going to do it by halves! Sure enough, it's a breathtaking range. We're happy to entrust our (and your) heads to the good folk of HJC.