Stolen Goat

When Stolen Goat launched in 2012, Founder Tim Bland had a solid, interesting and lucrative job. What kind of a fool would leave that behind? Well, our kind of fool! He'd had enough of the 9 to 5 routine and wanted to create something of his own and being able to pursue his passions - and keep a smile on his face.

Having built a hugely loyal fan base, Stolen Goat has now become a match for any cycling brand, in terms of quality, graphics, durability and style.

We've got to know Stolen Goat over many years, and have witnessed the undimmed pride and passion that go into it. We're confident you'll like them.

And if you love the aesthetics and fit of Stolen Goat, bear in mind that our own VeloVixen range is produced in conjunction with them, using a shared factory and design talent - discover it here.