Cyclodelic Trouser Cuffs (Single - Wide)

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Move over bicycle clips - Cyclodelic's version is coming through!



The Cyclodelic Slim Cuff is a cycling must have.  A broader version of the Slim Cuff, these funky little numbers are sold individually, as not everybody feels the need for a pair.  It makes you more visible on the road and offers maximum protection against chain stains, trouser tears or simply from unfashionable ankles.  The ultimate flexible cycling accessory.

The reflective glass-bead jewelled cuffs are adjustable using secure hand-dyed brass-backed Smartie Studs that won't rust if you get caught in a shower or English summertime.  They look great off the bike too, and - what the heck - you can even wear them around your wrist!   The soft interior lining is super comfortable for wearing around wrists or bare ankles.  And just wait till you see how it explodes into life under lights...

Tech Spec

  • Glass bead jewelled cuffs reflect lights brilliantly
  • One size fits all
  • Secure hand-dyed brass-backed rust-proof Smartie press studs
  • Soft interior lining allowing cuffs to be worn directly against the skin

Who's Behind It?

Cyclodelic's mission is "to create imaginative, high-quality clothing and accessories for women who love cycling". Their range is designed by Amy Fleuriot and her team in the East End of London, to meet the needs of women who spend a lot of time on the bicycle but who don’t want to squeeze into cycling clothing originally designed to fit men.

Amy grew up between Derbyshire and London and always loved the freedom of the great outdoors as much as the excitement of the city. An opportunity at The London College of Fashion allowed her to follow her fashion design passion. In 2006, fed up with public transport, and longing for her former active country lifestyle, Amy decided to bring her bicycle to London and was soon cycling all over the city.

Turning up on a bicycle to fashion school, Amy soon found herself looking for some well-designed cycling apparel that would allow her to both ride fast, and also look as stylish as the other girls on her course. Realising the options available for stylish cycling apparel and accessories were nascent, and seeing an opportunity to combine her love for the outdoors with her love for design, Amy founded Cyclodelic in 2009.

That same year Amy launched her initial collection in Topshop's London flagship store and graduated with first class honours in Accessories at the prestigious Cordwainers College. Shortly thereafter, a 120 mile bike ride provided the inspiration Amy needed to produce her first line of technical clothing.

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