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Ding Dong 80mm Bike Bell


Why to Buy: Simplicity itself - the most traditional and most beautiful way to make sure they know you're coming

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You can't beat a proper old-fashioned bell.

Classy, stylish and above all safe, it's really the original bike accessory. This one is bigger and prettier than most, and makes a real statement both visually and to the ear. Other road users will certainly hear you coming with this on your bike. And when they see you they'll nod approvingly.

Size Guide

One size: 80mm diameter.

Tech Spec

Was there ever a simpler implement than the bike bell? This one is made of highly polished chrome-plated alloy, and is easily attached to your handlebars with just a couple of turns of the screwdriver.

Who's Behind It?

Etc. are part of Moore Large's stable of exclusive brands. Moore Large distribute from their Derby base, where they have been since they were established in the 1970s. They remain faithful to the family-based model that has made them into one of the UK's most successful cycling distributors.

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