Endura Hummvee Waterproof Short Sock


Until you try a 100% waterproof sock, you won't appreciate the difference they make. If you have, these are some of the best we've found!

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These Endura performance thin weight waterproof short socks are designed specifically for cycling in conditions when minimal weight and maximum breathability are the key.

They feature an exceptionally breathable stretch membrane - forget visions of sticking your foot in a sweaty plastic bag, this is a very different experience! It also gives a far more secure fit between your leg and the top of the sock, meaning the chance of water getting in through the top is massively reduced.

We'll let you into a little in-house secret: we needed some convincing as to the merits of waterproof socks. Surely you just get wet feet no matter what, we asked. And then we tried them, and we've never looked back. One of the best kept secrets in cycling!

Size Guide

S = UK 5-8.5 Euro 37-42

L = UK 9-12.5 Euro 42.5-47

Tech Spec

  • Waterproof, highly breathable stretch membrane
  • Stretch arch support
  • Short ankle cut
  • Unpadded construction, ideal for close fitting shoes.
  • Polyester 42% | Elastane 13% | Nylon 45%

Who's Behind It?

Endura - you see a lot of it around, don't you? Small wonder, given that it's the brand that's done most in recent years to move from functional to fab! Where for years Endura made very sensible robust kit that do you proud technically, these days there's a whole new element to their ranges: style!

Despite our founders Liz and Phil successfully using Endura kit on their 2010 odyssey, for a while we were a little guilty of assuming nothing had changed. Turns out nothing could be further from the truth, especially with a depth of female design talent in their ranks!

Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993 with a no-nonsense commitment to improving the performance and function of cycling kit for everyone. Yet from the outset there were hints of its maverick brand nature, with a stated philosophy of 'Renegade Progress'.

Endura quickly launched a range of novel and challenging products that have gone on to earn iconic status within cycling and have frequently reset benchmark for function and durability for the industry.

Over a generation, all of this has seen Endura evolve from a proudly Scottish local brand to a global stalwart of the cycling sector. And with that has come the real fun. Today, they match great finish, fit and robustness with fabulous styles and colourways. And they're associated with some of the most exciting names in cycling.

If it's good enough for the likes of mountain biking icon Rachel Atherton, the Cervelo Bigla women's pro team, paralympians like Denise Schindler, Movistar's male megastars like Nairo Quintana and Alejandro Valverde... then it's more than good enough for us!

And that's without mentioning arguably the most recognisable cycling star of them all: Scotland's own Danny MacAskill. This video gives a flavour of Danny in his home surroundings - using Endura to better effect than most of us can ever dream of...!

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