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Georgia in Dublin Leggits (Red)

Why to buy: The funkiest way to keep your feet dry and bright around town
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"Georgia In Dublin Leggits are proper long, waterproof gaiters for cyclists, exclusively female ones, and a pretty innovative idea. A great way of keeping your legs smart and dry when it's wet out." - road.cc

Georgia in Dublin's Leggits are everything that VeloVixen's about: they combine eye-catching design and innovation with brilliant functionality and comfort - and all with such style. Simply pop a pair of Leggits over your shoes, boots, flats or heels. Say hi to visibility and bye to sodden jeans and spoiled shoes... The beauty of these overshoes is even if it’s not raining or dark they still can be worn as funky boots!

Available in a full range of colours, they're more elegant than anything else with the same basic aim: that is, keeping your feet dry around town - which they do brilliantly. It's no wonder when they launched that they received an international award for design innovation and production quality at EuroBike, Europe's largest bike show.

Size Guide

Georgia in Dublin's Leggits are designed to go over any kind of shoes, from boots through trainers to high heels. The sizing reflects your actual shoe size. If you're borderline between two sizes and intending to wear trainers or heavier boots a lot, go for the larger of the two.

Medium: UK Shoe Size 6-7

Large: UK Shoe Size 8-9

Tech Spec

  • Elastic/velcro combination ensures they stay in place and you stay dry
  • Reflective strips on velcro straps adds extra visibility
  • Toe soles are made from recycled inner tubes and are hand harvested and painstakingly filleted by Georgia in Dublin!

Who's Behind It?

Georgia in Dublin was created by a mother and daughter team in 2009. Nicola Orriss and Georgia Scott describe themselves as 'united in their love and appreciation of elegance and functionality.'

Struggling to understand why you can't have both when it comes to women's cycling, they combined Nicola's design flare and 18th century expertise with Georgia's passion for design and cycling to create elegant, versatile rainwear for the casual female cyclist who doesn't want to compromise on style to stay dry.

The ingenuity and innovation of their products, together with the quality of their products' workmanship, are all reasons why they've been so feted with awards and reviews in the European bike industry. Plus, they're really lovely, genuine people, which always helps!

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