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Bikemonger Happy Bottom Bum Butter - 10g


Why to buy: A female friendly chamois cream that prevents friction and infection in our downstairs region. Made from 100% natural ingredients, totally vegan friendly and NEVER tested on animals.

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Ladies, you need Happy Bottom Bum Butter in your life. Don't settle with the pain, all it takes is a dollop of cream and you'll be on your way to having the happiest bottom out there. Just imagine, no more of that raw feeling at the office, dreading the ride home. Or only managing 20 miles out of your 50 mile plan, due to the soreness.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, totally chemical free and long lasting, the Bikemonger Happy Bottom Bum Butter will reduce the chance of chaffing caused by riding a bike, relieve pain and repair damaged skin. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties keep things healthy down there and prevents nasties from growing in your shorts.

This chamois cream is female and vegan friendly. You won't get that sting and zing down there and its been tested on real cyclists - not fluffy bunnies. As a plus, it smells lovely - unlike some creams that can make your nose curl.

Endorsed and used by real pro cyclists...

Karen Darke winner of a Gold Olympic medal in the Rio Olympics.

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Tech Spec

  • Female friendly ~ won't makes things sting down there
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Totally chemical free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Clove oil ~ provides pain relief
  • Vegetable glycerine & Egyptian geranium oil ~ absorbs into skin to repair
  • Tea tree oil
  • PET recyclable containers (you can make fleece jackets out of them)
  • 10g tub
  • NOT tested on animals - bottoms were used instead
  • Screw top pot
  • Non-sticky
  • Pleasant smell
  • Made in the UK

Learn more: HOW and WHY to use chamois cream

Who's Behind It?

When our Founders Phil & Liz got married in Swanage in 2011, little did they know it was a centre for top quality chamois cream! As soon as they started holidaying there each year, they rapidly learned that Charlie the Bikemonger is a long established legend within the Swanage community.

Eccentric and charismatic in equal measure, he knows cycling inside out and has a particular affinity with female cycling. His self-styled ‘Probably the Best Bike Shop in Swanage’ Bikemongery is just a stone’s throw from the beach and well worth a visit if you’re ever in Swanage. Meanwhile you can get a flavour of his style from his top notch products!

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