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Hommage au Vélo Eddy Cycling Cap - Black


Why to Buy: a classic, lightweight cap with a discreet, comfortable, moisture-absorbing band around the inside brim - in hommage to the great Eddy Merckx.

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The Eddy is a lightweight, classic cap with a discreet, comfortable, moisture-absorbing band around the inside brim.

Designed in classic colours that will compliment any piece of Hommage au Vélo apparel.

Why is it called Eddy? Well if anybody knew how to wear a cap, Eddy Merckx did! There's simply no need for a long explanation: have a look at any photo of the great man in the 1970's.

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Tech Spec

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-absorbing band around the inside brim.
  • 100% Polyester

Who's Behind It?

Hommage au Vélo is - contrary to what you might think from its name - a proudly British brand. With a French twist. David Laws is the francophile founder and designer. He's been in love with cycling man and boy, during which time he's ridden at the top level and lived, breathed and slept cycling even when working in other sectors.

How did Hommage au Vélo come about? In his own words:

"Hommage au Vélo was born out of a cycling obsession sparked in the early 1990’s in rural Kent and nurtured in the last decade of the “old days”, where secretive cycling clubs and steel frames crafted in the hands of a local frame builder were the raison d’être of the local rider. When Miguel Indurain was the extra-terrestrial and not Lance Armstrong. When cycling was a closed shop run by “old boys”, keen to pull rank on newcomers, blind to developments in fashion and popular culture and yet admirably ordered and protective of their own.

"In the subsequent 25 years, we have witnessed a full-scale revolution in the sport: the boom and bust of mountain bike racing, the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, the obsolescence and revival of fluorescent colours, the emergence of Anglophone riders as a dominant force in world cycling, the return of hand built steel frames and the brilliant increase in women cycling."

Hommage au Vélo specialises in beautiful, simple designs, with the emphasis on top quality materials, fit and finish at a sensible price. It's understated, deeply stylish and just that little bit irreverent. If you like your kit to have real character, flair, and appreciation of female cyclists, then Hommage au Vélo should be part of your thinking.

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