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Kask Mojito X Helmet - Navy Blue/White


Why to Buy: the latest evolution of an iconic piece of helmet design, especially suited to female heads

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The Kask Mojito X cycling helmet in Navy Blue/White is the latest evolution of the Mojito.

When we choose products, we have to use our own judgement and knowledge. We also like to take into account what our friends and customers themselves have to say. In the case of the Mojito it's unanimous: it's simply one of the greatest helmets ever designed.

Crucially for any helmet, the navy blue/white Kask Mojito X is chock full of the very latest technological features to keep your head safe and well ventilated whilst feeling ultra lightweight.

It goes further than that: it looks fantastic, especially on female heads. Unlike many older designs of helmet, the shell is amazingly unobtrusive despite having sailed through all the safety tests. Helmet shape is a subtle thing and it's sometimes hard to put a finger on why it works so stylishly. It just seems to.

Improvements over the previous versions of the Mojito include better finishing between the shell and inner, a single piece base ring and more durable pad-printed logos. The retention system and fit are the same as ever.

Throw in an innovative moulding system, up'n'down adjustment, washable padding and hiviz detailing, plus a wide variety of classy colourways and you start to see just what a special piece of gear the Kask Mojito is, and why so many people rave about it.

Size Guide


Cycling helmet choice is a personal thing - everyone's head is shaped differently so helmets will inevitably look different on everyone.

However, there are some fundamentals you should adhere to when you're getting the right helmet for you:

  1. Measure the circumference around your head using a measuring tape. The tape should measure around the level that the helmet would sit at, and should be tightened snugly but not too tightly - as if you were wearing it.
  2. Once you have your choice of helmet, put it on without using the straps.
  3. Then tighten and adjust the fitting until it's tight enough that you can simulate movement without it shifting around on your head.
  4. Next, fasten, adjust and tighten the straps until they are comfortable.
  5. If it all feels comfortable, doesn't move when you do, and you're happy with the look... you're done!

For the Kask Mojito X, these are the sizes:

 Circumference: cm Inches
Small 48-56 18.1-22.0
Medium 52-58 18.9-22.8
Large 59-62 23.2-24.4
X-Large 63-64 24.8-25.2

Tech Spec

WEIGHT: approx. 220g (medium size)

VENTS: 26 generous vents for great ventilation


Passed: EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063


Chin pad with eco-leather chinstrap. The chinstrap is anallergic and washable. It's exceptionally comfortable and helps keep skin irritation at bay.


The innovative “in-moulding” technology joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one leads to improved shock absorption qualities.


MIT Technology, which is now part of all KASK cycling helmets, significantly improves safety and protection standards. It comes from the polycarbonate layer covering the top part of the shell, the base ring and the back.


Inner padding fabric has been treated with an antibacterial, antimicrobial treatment, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer and to wash well when the time comes.


The up‘n’down adjustment system creates the most precise, comfortable fitting mechanism of any helmet around as a result of its unique double-pivot design. It means the back of your head is effectively cradled by the straps, and it's straightforward to tighten them to just the right tension using the central ratchet wheel. This fitting system combines with a breathable, anti-slip, gel inner liner to make it incredibly comfortable.


High visibility stickers make your as visible as possible out there, even in low visibility conditions.

Who's Behind It?

KASK was born in 2004 in the cycling heartland of Italy. It's rapidly become one of the foremost creators of helmets in the world. They make helmets for all kinds of pursuits, including riding, skiing and mountaineering, with the cycling range perhaps their most highly recognised.

Their network of designers, engineers and leading Italian factories (all their helmets are made in Italy) has helped propel them to becoming a household name in helmets (if such a thing exists?!).

KASK aim to balance peerless technological quality, safety, functionality and great design. The call it their 'CSD Project' (ComfortSafetyDesign - gettit?). We reckon they do it exceptionally well, and if their roster of awards from the likes of ISPO and Eurobike is any indication we're not alone.

Every KASK helmet has cruised through every relevant safety test with ease. It's no great surprise such a proportion of our knowledgeable customers swear by them.

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