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KitBrix CityBrix City Gym Bag Bundle


Why to buy:  The convenience of work and play.  The CityBrix bundle that will make your commuting life to work and UNI or over-night stay an organised one.  Plus, with a wash and dry bag too, muddy/ wet kit and toiletries will stay away from the clean and valuable things.

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Designed to overcome the problem of carrying way too many bags.  Everything you need for work and after can be kept neatly and organised in one bag, so there's no stress and less juggling to do.

The KitBrix CityBrix City Gym Bag Bundle contains the following...

A CityBrix Bag: suitable for your work and play items.  A fur lined upper section is wonderful for a 12" laptop/tablet alike, fur lined phone pouch at the rear and enough space to be accessed from top and bottom.  Plus, the base section which is lined with a strong tarpaulin material, is water resistant and very robust.  The base has been tested to fit a full set of gym kit or change of overnight clothing - perfect for any occasion!  CityBrix will stand upright, so you don't have the faff of holding it in position when packing.

A DobiPak Dry Bag: suitable for muddy trainers and wet items of clothing.  It has a waterproof inner lining, so your wet things don't seep through the bag - keeping the soggy away from the dry.  A roll down top and quick clip secures the bag as tight as you want it and DobiPak is easily reversible for cleaning.

A WashPak Wash Bag: suitable for all your toiletry needs. It has a water resistant inner which prevents moisture passing through the material and honeycomb outer which looks stylishly sporty and repels liquids too.  The WashPak can be wiped clean and with its internal transparent zipped pocket, you'll know exactly where things are, without having to fish around.

The CityBrix is a bit like our handbags, let's face it, we all know which section the chewing gum lies.  It's a convenient and desirable option to have with you, no matter the occasion and with all the extras that come with it, you'll be organised to the max!

Size Guide


Dimensions ~ 8cm x 31cm x 45cm | Fits 12" tablet/laptop

Work section capacity ~ 9.2L

Play section capacity ~ 10L

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Dimensions ~ 30cm x 1cm x 58cm

Capacity ~ 12L

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Dimensions ~ 25cm x 9cm x 12.5cm



Tech Spec


Work (upper) section

  • Fur lined protective compartment
  • An open space that can be accessed from top or bottom, depending if you have the CityBrix split or not
  • Private phone/ipad fur lined 'KitPouch' at the rear
  • Can hold a tablet/small laptop (12"), cables and documents.
  • 9.2L of open storage

Play (base) section

  • Tarpaulin lined
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and water resistant
  • Stands up (KitBrix base)
  • 2 pockets
  • Tested to fit a full set of gym kit or change of overnight clothing
  • Water bottle section on side
  • 10L | 0.3kg

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • Double membrane
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Honeycomb outer
  • Reversible for easy clean
  • Roll down top
  • Easy grab handle
  • Quick clip fastening
  • Can hold: a wetsuit (up to XXL) or muddy trainers plus dirty kit
  • 12L | 0.3kg

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • Double membrane
  • Honeycomb outer ~ repels water & other liquids
  • Water resistant ~ wipe clean
  • Large end-to-end internal transparent zipped pocket
  • Black faux leather handle
  • Reversible for easy clean
  • Large red pull zip


Who's Behind It?

All it took was one man, the Artemis Quadrathlon and a train journey home.

Robert Aldous, founder and director at KitBrix Ltd, left the military after 10 incredible years and envisaged a working life doing something different, something challenging and to create something that adressed a problem.  Robert fell into the standard route of Risk Management in London for the promise and dream of big wages and corporate life - however, it wasn't quite ticking all the boxes.  Then this happened...

Robert took part in a Quadrathlon in Scotland, replacing one of his colleagues.  Unfit, dis-organised and under prepped, Robert soon came to realise he was in trouble.  No cycling shoes and kit all over the place at a multisport event.  He wasn't happy with his efforts and realised such events were becoming ever so popular, something needed to be done.  So pad and pen came out and the sketching began.  An idea for simple kit organisation that would have helped him and others in such scenarios.

At the end of the train journey Robert had a design concept and in no time at all KitBrix came to life, getting their first products to market in 2014.

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