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Knog Gekko Bike Light (Rear)

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Why to buy: Wrap-around rubberised 3-LED brightness in the funkiest colours.

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Knog have reinvented the dull old bike light in recent years. The Gekko is a waterproof, ultrabright bike light that comes in a whole array of fun colours. The 3 LED lights are glaringly bright at night, and even by day it's eye catching.

With its rubberised silicon casing and enlightened design, it only takes a moment to wrap around or remove from your seat post, or any other suitable spot on your bike, meaning you never need leave your lights vulnerable to light fingers on the street. You can even use them on pushchairs. Or use several for even greater illumination!

Size Guide

Dimensions: 38 x 53 x 41mm

Weight: 53g

Wraps easily round any handlebar or seatpost with no fuss or tools needed.

Tech Spec

  • Dimensions: 38 x 53 x 41mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Industrial silicone body
  • 2 x AAA batteries included
  • 45,000 millicandelas of brightness
  • Batteries last 30 hrs (on constant) or 220 hrs (flashing)
  • Super-bright 3-LED
  • Light Modes: Red LED - 5 flashing, 1 constant; White LED - 2 flashing, 1 constant
  • Water-resistant flexible silicone body
  • Integrated clipping feature with quick-release mounting
  • Visible up to 600 metres
  • Directional LEDs
  • Low battery warning indicator

Who's Behind It?

Knog are an Australian firm from Melbourne who've made a huge splash in the bike accessories world. They did the small time pub gigs of the bike world for years before finally getting talent spotted - and the rest is rapidly becoming history.

Their funky locks and lights have made an almost unprecedented impression within their sector, and they're expanding into other areas at high speed.

In fact, there are few other players in the cycling world with such a conviction that existing 'rules' count for nothing - and that colour can be used anywhere. But it’s the quality of their designs and manufacturing standards that really marks them out – no danger of style over substance with these guys.

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