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Why to Buy: tag your bike & beat the thieves with this simple but provenly effective product

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If you love your bike, protect it with this Bicycle ID Kit.

Backed by premier lock manufacturer Kryptonite, each kit contains 3 tough, tamper-resistant, weatherproof, scannable tags that use QR Codes which can be scanned using a mobile phone. They're trackable, traceable and tough. Thieves hate traceable goods and these tags are a great visible deterrent. The very fact that your bike is visibly tagged works as a deterrent.

If a thief succeeds in getting one tag off, there are still two more to get through. Even if they somehow manage to take off all three, the serial number of your bike still links you to the bike as soon as it's registered. And they're designed to be almost impossible to prise off. It's recognised that most thieves operate as part of a wider gang, and it's been proven that gang bosses hate tagged bikes. So a tagged bike is statistically several times less likely to be stolen than an identical non-tagged bike. You can't put a price on that.

If your bike is stolen and then recovered, by anyone (not just the police) and the tags scanned, they will indicate the status of the bike. If it is stolen, alerts can be sent to the police and the owner showing the location of the bike and getting the word out. It's all about getting your bike back to you.

Lock it, register it and tag it with Bike Shepherd.  Protect your bike.

Size Guide

One size fits all - the set comes with three permanent stickers, designed to be tamper proof. The designers recommend making two of the three obvious and hiding a third more subtly for identification purposes.

Tech Spec

The tags are designed to be nigh on impossible to remove or deface on a bike frame. Once applied, their adhesive should keep them there for keeps.

These unique, tamper-resistant, weatherproof ID tag include a QR code used to identify a bike's status.

Anybody with a smartphone and a free 2D barcode application can scan a tagged bicycle. The scanned tag links directly to that bike in the secure Bike Revolution database, and provides the status of the bike.

Who's Behind It?

Bike Shepherd is a global anti-theft bicycle service that uses mobile phones, scannable QR code tags and social media to fight bike theft. It was established in 2010 by two astute business partners who recognised the vulnerability of non-registered bikes. Bike Shepherd was created to fight high levels of bike theft and to provide cyclists with tools to protect and recover their bikes. And they are now backed by Kryptonite, one of the world's most feted bike lock manufacturers.

They do this using technology, social networking and a grass-roots approach to give cyclists the power to protect their own bikes. People like you. While global in reach, they work locally, harnessing the energy of your friends, family and fellow cyclists in your neighbourhood to look out for each other. Call it a Neighbourhood Bike Watch program run by you.

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