It's easy to reel off glib lines about 'environmental responsibility' in website sections like this. But for Liz and Phil, VeloVixen's founders, it's a subject especially close to their hearts.

When you're gasping for breath cycling 15,000ft up in the Andes, you realise the benefits of clean air. And when you're struggling through the heat and smog of Los Angeles, you understand the alternative. Spending a full year cycling through some of the most majestic and unspoiled places on earth reminded them for once and for all just how important nature and clean air really are.

So although we are a young company, at VeloVixen we have wanted to take our environmental responsibility seriously from Day One. This means wherever possible we try to minimise VeloVixen's carbon footprint and take pride in minimising our damage to the environment.

- We aim to focus our energies on smaller manufacturers doing things 'the right way'. They're usually more interesting anyway!

- We give preference to manufacturers who can prove that their use of materials is environmentally responsible.

- We avoid companies where there is any hint of abuse of staff or suppliers.

- We try to minimise the distance our goods have to travel to get to us, en route to you.

- We recycle responsibly all the packaging that our stock travels to us in.

- We choose environmentally friendly packaging in which to send the goods to you. For more detail on our packaging, please click here.

- We cycle to work (on all but the most extreme days!).

By sticking to these basic environmental principles, we hope in our little way to help make the world a better one to cycle in.

Which may sound glib, but we mean it.