Environmental responsibility

Ready for collection: Fran surrounded by our environmentally friendly packaging

As a cyclist (probably), you'll be as aware as anyone of the importance of protecting our environment. With daily reminders - some of them all too acute - it almost seems trite to emphasise it once again.

We are doing our very best to help and not hinder the situation. There's nothing we love more than being able to ride our bikes in clean, temperate air. Climate change is jeopardising so much more than the chance to go for a bike ride.

So what's our contribution? Well, it goes without saying that getting more people onto bikes is hopefully a positive in itself. But that's not really the point here.

  • Today, we send out all our orders to customers in fully recyclable material.
  • Around 95% of these are in sturdy cardboard envelopes made by our friends at EcoMailingBags (see pictures above).
  • These are 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, plastic free, ocean friendly and sustainably sourced.
  • Any additional tape needed to keep a package safe on its journey is paper-based and recyclable.
  • Where an order is too bulky to fit in one of these, we send it in a recyclable plastic bag made from recycled plastic.
  • The main boxes in which we receive deliveries from our suppliers are cardboard and we either reuse or recycle them once they've been unpacked.

The products that we sell are made in factories that we are not running ourselves, and unfortunately they often come in more 'traditional' plastic packaging.

Whilst we sympathise with suppliers who naturally need to keep products clean in warehouse environments, we continue to encourage and push them to find cleaner alternatives. From what we understand, many are making progress on this front.


Aside from packaging, we continue to follow our basic principles of social responsibility:

  • We give preference to manufacturers who can prove that their use of materials is environmentally responsible.
  • We avoid companies where there is any hint of abuse of staff or suppliers.
  • We try to minimise the distance our goods have to travel to get to us, en route to you.
  • We cycle to work (on all but the most extreme days!).

 If you have suggestions on how we can do better, please don't hesitate to contact us - we welcome any new ideas!

There's never been a more important time to choose cycling over other forms of transport. We intend to continue pulling our weight - and hopefully a bit more.


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