Gift Box Packaging

 *** Make sure you remember to “add a note” in the checkout section to any order that is to be shipped as a gift directly to the recipient. Otherwise, they might not know who has sent it! ***


At VeloVixen, we give you the option to send your order in our gift box packaging.

Add a hand packed Gift Box


When you elect to send your parcel in gift box packaging, we will ship your whole order in one of our gift boxes straight to the recipient. And, to ensure they don’t open their gift early, we label all gift boxes with “This parcel is a gift!” so they can save opening it until their special day!

All gift boxes come complete with a gift note, hand-written by a member of our team, so you can send a personalised message along with your gift. Otherwise, only the order number is automatically sent with our online gift box orders (so, no billing information or prices are included within the parcel).

You can choose to have your order shipped in VeloVixen gift box packaging at the checkout. No matter the size of your order, we charge a flat £3.50 to send your parcel in our gift box packaging.

It is very important that you remember to “add a note” in the checkout section so the recipient knows who their gift is from!


*** Please note: We cannot ship gift vouchers out in our Gift Box Packaging. ***

What is ‘Gift Box Packaging’?

In order to reduce unnecessary waste, the external packaging of a VeloVixen gift box serves as the gift box itself. This is why we label the outside of all our gift boxes with “This parcel is a gift!” so that the recipients do not open them early by mistake!

Within the gift box, we wrap the full order in orange tissue paper (this paper is recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free).

To complete our gift box packaging, we hand-write your gift message on one of our special gift note cards. We will only write what you have written in the ‘add a note’ section of our checkout page on the gift note, so you can tailor our gift box packaging to any gifting occasion. 

All products sent in a VeloVixen gift box are shipped within their original packaging. This is so that, if the recipient needs to process a return or exchange on one of their gifted items, they can still do this. It also ensures that the products stay protected in transit. Do not worry, though, because none of the product packaging will contain any pricing information.


Returning an item received in a VeloVixen gift box 

We know that no matter how much you love someone, sometimes the gifts you buy them just aren’t quite right. Therefore, we include the original order number (VV12345) on all gift notes so the recipient can get in contact with us if they need to exchange their gift for a different size. 

If an exchange is not possible, we will refund the original purchaser unless a refund by way of a gift voucher is requested instead.

We will never refund by way of a gift voucher without checking with the original purchaser.