It is with great sadness that we have announced that our beloved VeloVixen is entering into a Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation process. For more on the broader situation, please click here.

As a result, we have been advised no longer to accept returns or exchanges. Please do not send any returns or exchanges back to us.

We have desperately wanted to be more transparent about the situation since before Christmas, when it became apparent that - despite our very best efforts - sales were so poor that the cash proceeds we had anticipated being available for returns after Christmas simply failed to materialise.

We have been endeavouring to return packages to their sender, so that customers at least end up with an asset of sorts. We hope that if you are amongst those we have let down, you may be able to find a home for your products - either amongst cycling friends, or perhaps via eBay or similar. This week, we have now also been advised that we should avoid sending packages back to their sender.

Clearly all of this is horrible. Needless to say we feel terrible about it.

We have always prided ourselves on treating everybody we deal with as we would want to be treated ourselves: fairly, decently and respectfully. Every sale we have ever taken has been processed in good faith, in the expectation that every customer would end up with goods they really love. We like to think we achieved this almost without fail for more than a decade.

Sadly, at times like these it has become apparent that this is not always possible or controllable. If you are one of the people that stand to lose out, please accept our heartfelt apologies. It is the last thing we wanted.

On a practical note, if you are looking to offload recent purchases that are not right for you, we suggest heading to our Facebook Group, where we have set up this post for members who wish to offer products to other Vixens. Alternatively eBay or Facebook Marketplace may be useful.

 With best wishes,

Liz & Phil